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First Snow/New House




Here it is folks!  Not only did I get the keys to my new house yesterday at 3 pm but then it snowed like mad all day today so I snapped a picture of the first snow and my house combined.  I'm more in love with it every minute I'm there.    I could "wax poetic" about my home.59f8f74e61a1b_newhousesnow.thumb.jpg.689d3919ac190dbf7ba4176243235a60.jpg

I will be sleeping there starting Wednesday night (tomorrow) with minimal "stuff" because everything is in 2 storage trailers.  I met with the boiler guy this morning so I understood how the heating system operates and what to watch for and things to do so I'm comfy.  It's a steam boiler system which means I have those really big tall old radiators and very comfortable warm heat that isn't dry.  Dry forced air heat is misery for my allergies so I'm hopeful this is good for me all winter.  However, steam systems are more technical than a regular boiler so I have plenty of learning to do.

I'm super excited to get my stuff moved in on Friday and Saturday and then start running in my new town.  New routes!  A river!  An old fashioned bakery! Coffee shops!  4 breweries!  Who's coming to visit? :D 

The details:  technically 4 bedrooms; 2 down, 2 up.  The upstairs I have closed off right now and will probably have a student renting starting in January but until then, it's empty and I'm not heating it.  1 bathroom.  Built sometime between 1895 and 1913 (conflicting information) and I'll be digging into the county records to get the best info I can.  1/3 of an acre because it's a double lot on a corner.  2 car garage with a seriously leaky roof to secure as best I can for winter.  Basement for utilities but not at all for "living space conversion".  

I'll share interior pictures once I settle in.  Thank you so much to everyone for cheering me on and sending congrats my way.  You all are beyond wonderful people!

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That's an amazing wrap-around porch! It's a beautiful old house- Congratulations!!!! AND, nothing beats an old-fashioned bakery in town! 

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Definitely love the porch potential. And make sure any renters know they have snow shoveling duty!

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Congrats on the home!  And good luck with the steam heat!  I read that book 'we got steam heat' to try to understand it better (not sure it worked).

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