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Weekly Wrap-up




Came home to enter the weeks runs and found that while I was at work last night Bobby and Bean had been on my computer.  Credit where it's due: they didn't lie to me.  Even told me they were on our to look for Halloween costume ideas.  Thing is, now my computer isn't turning on.  

Aren't phones amazing?


This week's running wrap-up:


Tuesday: 3 miles (dead battery no stats)

Friday: 3 miles 34:39

Saturday: 4 miles 50:42

1- 11:39

2- 12:02.

The second half was a return from the waterfront so a lot of uphill.  I walked/ran.  

3- 13:17

4- 13:39

Next weeks goal: 4 days of running. Tue, Thur, Sat, Sun… and strength on Wed and Fri.  I've crossed the threshold of preferring outdoor runs to the gym.  

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34 minutes ago, garbanzo a gogo said:

maybe try rebooting. Not the computer, the users.

Lol.  When the computer is up and running again passwords will be reset.  


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