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I Must Be Tapering...




First it was the left knee.  Then the left quad.  Followed by the right hamstring and you get the picture...  I'm not actually injured and I'm not usually bothered by the taper.  It has been three years since I was truly in good enough shape to set real goals for a race, let alone, a marathon.  I want to believe I am ready to achieve the time I have set for myself but the doubt keeps popping up. And now the 10-Day forecast is available and I will be stalking it daily.

I used the Bourbon Chase a week and a half ago as a gauge on my fitness.  I averaged at the top end of my goal pace at Bourbon Chase.  I keep telling myself it would have been faster if it wasn't 75+ degrees for 13.3 of my 19 miles.  I should have cooler temperatures in Indianapolis. I just have to pray for no rain and minimal wind. 

I will consider a PR a successful race but I will still be slightly disappointed if I don't get a BQ, in which a 5-minute PR is needed. Honestly, my ultimate goal is to PR by 10 minutes to almost guarantee that I not only get to register for Boston but actually get accepted and can run it.

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