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Autumnal Images!




I prefer the word autumn over fall.  I'm odd that way.  I'm odd in lots of ways.  Go figure. xD

Autumn running conditions in northern Michigan can be dicey and moody.  One day it may be a nice day and the next is horizontal rain and wind and in the 40's.  Well, not this year!  It's been one glorious day after another with incredible colors and blue sunny skies.  I guess it's our "dessert before dinner" because they are predicting a LOT of snow for us this winter.  We'll go from glorious color to solid white soon I'm sure.  I decided to run at lunch time today since it's Sunday and I had a full plate of things to do this morning.  I ran to the Black River and back and got my total weekly miles over 20.  18 running miles and 2 walking miles.  That's the most mileage of any kind in quite a while.  I remember so many reasons why I love running.  I'm glad I'm back at it but don't plan on doing any racing except maybe the local Turkey Trot if I can squeeze it into my budget.



The sunrises have been equally stunning....


The temps are crazy though!!  Mid 70's in late October?  When I was a kid, our Halloween costumes always had to fit over our snow pants, winter jacket and boots. This was today for my run.... that was a bit WARM for me actually but I soaked it in knowing that our high in 48 hours will be 50F and in a week they are predicting our first snow.


I have loved taking pictures of the amazing colors this year... take this one for instance.. it's sumac and the reds they can display are fantastic!  This group was on the side of the road right near my grandma's house.  She's pushing 94 now and still lives at home on her own and drives during the day.  


Lastly... the house update.....

No good news so far.  The sellers have a full price cash offer waiting behind mine and right now the sellers don't want to extend my purchase contract because the mortgage company is slower than molasses in January and if my contract expires, the other buyers move into action.  That means they can sell the house for more money since my bank won't be ready before the contract expires and the back up offer is for full price, another $5K over the purchase offer they accepted from me.  Unless the sellers have an ounce of ethics and honor, the house will be sold to the other buyers despite all that I have done to have the house move-in ready.  My bank can't close until at least the 30th or 31st and my purchase contract expires on the 27th.  Yes, this is heart breaking but there are worse things in the world.  I'll keep you posted.  They may still agree to have me buy the house and pass up an extra $5K from the other buyer.  In the meantime, my mom seems to really enjoy having me living in their basement! And so does their dog, Blue.  He's a hound dog.  :D 


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"Well I had an old dog and his name was Blue
Bet ya five dollars he's a good dog too."

(Original version by The Byrds.)

Glad you're having a good autumn of running.  The challenge - for both of us - will be what happens in the months ahead!

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Wow what beautiful colours! Of course we don't call it fall here though I guess most of our trees aren't deciduous so it's one "americanism" that never caught on. We do get pockets of streets in most towns where you see them - always a highlight of autumn.

Hope the house gets sorted, fingers crossed. If not well then there must be a better place waiting for you!

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It sounds like there is another living situation waiting for you. Hopefully this one will come through though.

Good job on the 20 miles! You're ready for XC ski season!

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I know all about those slow moving mortgage companies. In our case it was a credit union. We had 3 different people dealing with our case and they all (randomly it seemed) requested the same information from us independently and never shared. Then, we got our go ahead for the closing a week before the closing was scheduled and on the date of the closing (literally while we were sitting there facing the seller) they told us they needed additional information. That was a day that probably cost me a few years of my life.

I really hope that they will surprise you and it still all happens as planned.

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