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New Loop, New AG, looking for the old Me...



  So this year has been filled with starts and stops... Run 3 or 4 days in a week and then nada for two or three weeks.  I just could never get back into that groove.  Sure there were some injuries I guess, but a few years ago I would have run through most of that.  Some of it was new aches and pains that come with a 50 year old body I suppose, but also I found myself 20 pounds heavier than I was after my last marathon (Chicago '14) and I needed to get back in running shape to really start enjoying running again.

September was a month of travel for work, and I decided to not just pack my running gear but actually use it on these trips.  On a week long trip to Germany I ran 4 days along the Isar river in Munich, (which is totally freakin awesome btw), and then two days along the Rhine in Cologne (which is totally OSOM btw also!).  The weather and scenery were incredible, and since I didn't pack my Garmin I just really enjoyed the running.  It would be a way too long bloop but if you get the chance to go to either of those cities, do not forget your running shoes.  

 A week later I was in Las Vegas for a trade show and ran on the strip three mornings, also semi-naked... It was again great running weather and surprisingly a pretty good place to run (a lot of stairs to get over intersections right downtown though).  

Anyway,  I got my legs back into semi-decent running shape and lost a few pounds... it's really amazing how much better and stronger I felt after just a couple of weeks back running 4-5 days/week...  And then I got an email or something from Dave pointing me to this "new Loop" site, which seemed like some kind of message from God or something to keep running... There was Bangle, Speet, NavEng, CompulsiveRunner, Dean, Stew, Peg, Tomato, Kate, Col, Corc, TO, Word, Shaunp, CClement, Raz.... and many more of the Loopsters I remembered pulling me through 4 years of struggling and training up through Boston (was it really 5 years ago?).  So This week I've been keeping at it, seeing the most incredibly red sun-rises over the lake, and really getting lost again in running.  

Lastly, I knew what I really needed to do to keep myself from back-sliding again,  enter a race.  So this morning I signed up for the Hot Chocolate 15k next Sunday.  It's one of my favorite races, (and even though my 8 miles this morning kinda sucked to be honest), I'm hoping that this time I'll be able to keep getting out there even when the those aches creep up or the weather isn't so nice... To give a different answer when people ask me "Doing much running lately?" 

And I'm thinking about Chicago in '18.  It's a new AG, after all... 

Happy Running all! 

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I've been starting and stopping for a couple years now.  Never keeping at it long enough to get anywhere.  Also carrying an extra 20 pounds and thankful for the motivation of reading posts on the loop.  Sounds like your 50 yo body already back running more than my 30-something :-)  Here's to community and finding our old selves.  

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Awesome that you got some exotic location runs in. Keep it up and it will get easier and more fun!

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I can really relate. Sounds quite a bit like what's happened for me over the last 6 months (except the travel bit...). Glad you've got your mojo back!

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So very few and far between are the runners who've never suffered the dreaded extended lack of motivation period. Glad to have you back with us, Phil.

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I lived in Germany for most of my life but really wasn't interested in running back then. I may have to plan runs in Munich and Cologne when I go back for work.

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On 10/23/2017 at 11:01 AM, RunSplendidly said:

I lived in Germany for most of my life but really wasn't interested in running back then. I may have to plan runs in Munich and Cologne when I go back for work.

They were both incredible running cities... Beautiful running paths for miles along the rivers in both.  


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