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Title of what will probably be a draft that never gets posted

Keep Running Girl


What's going on, guys?  How's everyone been? 

It's super weird not having social media.  On one hand, I miss everyone and realize that a lot of connections I had are fading.  On the other hand, I really hate Facebook and miss the old Instagram.  I miss the old loop too, but let's not turn this post into a lament.  We all agree on things and have talked them to death, no?

Speaking of death, I'm still alive!  More importantly, so is Brady!  When last I wrote, he was diagnosed with heart failure and would probably live another 9-12 months.  Well, he is at 15 months now and still kicking.  He has his next echo next week.  Fingers crossed.

I guess I'm still running, if you could call it that.  I mean, it's definitely running but I don't race, train, or practice any consistency.  I'm working on something though now so we'll see how that turns out. 

I never write anymore.  I guess I'm having the same trouble with that as I am with running.  Like both started slow with no expectations and got surprisingly easier as time went on.  Then when I got out of practice, it was hard to return because it just wasn't easy anymore but I had expectations that it would be. 

Tovabb tanulok magyarul.  Felvettem egy tanart.  Magyar nehez, es gyakran szegyellem magam, de szeretnek tanulni. 

I wish I had a picture to attach to this...

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Kramer: That's the East River. 
Jerry : You're swimming in the East River? The most heavily trafficked, overly contaminated waterway on the Eastern seaboard?
Kramer : Technically Norfolk has more gross tonnage.

I hope this helps.

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