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Broken Elbow be Damned!!!! I'm Training for Boston!!!!

Dr. Ed



Good Morning Loop!  

Last Monday (10/16/17) marked 6 months till Boston.  As I wrote in my Injury update, I am a bit broken.  Physically....Yes....Mentally...Never!!!!  I was told on September 17th that I cannot run for at least 6 weeks because of a broken elbow.  Well, I haven't really followed that advice.  How could I?  Running is not just something I do.  Running is part of my lifestyle.  I can't just bike (that is what led to this problem in the first place).  I can't just get on a stationary bike (it is okay for a once a week adventure).  I can work on my core and lower body;  however, nothing beats a run!  Nothing!!!!! I MUST RUN!

So...I started running.  I did take some time off from running...I biked, I walked, I speed walked, I biked...I jogged down hills on my walks, but I did not run.  Last Saturday, about 3 1/2 weeks post injury, I went out for a walk and said screw it...I running.  And I Did!  Guess what?  My arm did not fall off....my bone did not jump out of my elbow socket...I didn't fall over (but that would have sucked).  Everything went fine.  I ran 4 miles on Saturday....5 more on Sunday...8 on Monday...(Biked on Tuesday) and then ran 5 and 5 on Wednesday and Thursday.  Yup...I am running again.  Boston is only 6 months away and I am not going to take another 3 to 4 weeks off.  I figure I can slowly build back up my miles while my elbow is still recovering, because it is not like I have a broken leg or ankle...it is a broken elbow on my arm.

Therefore, I am upgrade myself (against Doctor's orders) from Injury to Training.  Actually, I am a Doctor...not an MD, but a PhD and therefore, I am not going against Doctor's orders...as a Doctor, I am giving myself new orders...a new journey...that started on Monday and will take me to Boston on 16 Apr 17!!!!!

Happy Running Loopsters!

Dr. Ed

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Love it. Time for building that base.

But I am picturing you with an awkward arm stabilizing cast and support that prevents any sort of arm swing as you run.  Maybe post a picture of that if you can.

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Who are you to question the advice of a doctor?  Even if that doctor is in fact...you.  This feels like a paradox or rip in the space time continuum.  Either way, good luck with training.

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