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Gilda's House 5K Run



The last several years me and runners from our running group have been running Gilda's 5K which starts and finishes at the local High School.   One of our group runner's employer was a sponsor the race, but they stopped being the sponsor and there was only a few people of our group running this year.   But the race is for a good cause and gives me chance to test my speed. 

My training this year has been pretty casual; earlier in the year I had bursitis in my foot and didn't run much.  After getting a couple of cortisone shots my foot felt better and I was able to average about in about 25 miles a week, running 3 days, 5 miles per day and 1 day running 10 miles.   The only speedwork I did was adding 4 pickups to two of my 5 mile runs, although some of my 10 mile days which consisted of two consecutive 5 mile runs with my running group unintentionally ended up being tempo runs.  

Race day was in the mid 60s  and I ran the little over 1 mile from my house to the race as a warmup, but I felt a little overheated getting to the race site at the high school.   I met up with a couple of friends from my running group who were walking the course due to an injury and inactivity.  I also saw a couple of the faster women from our group up near the front of race starting area.   My goal was to see if I could improve my time from last year which I thought was just over 24 minutes, and average about 7:45 per mile.   Also most of the people are families which walk the 5K with slightly over a 100 runners.

I started out trying not to go fast but to find a pace that I could hopefully maintain without burning out.   The first mile felt surprising somewhat cool running in the shade of the neighborhood tree lined streets and I was keeping what felt like a hard but maintainable 5K pace.  The first mile in 7:53, slower than I wanted but about as fast as I thought I could maintain.   During the second mile I was passing many runners and not getting passed maintaining what I thought was a good pace.   I missed seeing my second mile split on my watch, which ended up being 8:02, but I felt pretty good and was still passing people.  The third mile I still passed a few people with one guy passing me.  Then there is a right turn to the last 4 tenths of mile to the finish back at the high school that push the best I can with a last mile in 8:17 and finishing in 24:42, second in my age group of  8 runners, and 18th overall. 

So I thought I had missed my goal of improving from last year time, but when I got home and looked up last year's time and was pleasantly  pleased to find out it was actually 25:02, so I was actually 20 seconds faster than last  year.    Also the women from our group both finished just over 24 minutes, one first in her age group the other the women's master's winner.

Also me and my wife leave tomorrow on a New England-Canada cruise to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary from last October, and wife just informed me that Hurricane Fiona is heading to the Canadian Atlantic coast that we are schedule to visit.

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On 9/23/2022 at 12:07 PM, ocrunnergirl said:

Nice 5k. I hope you have a great cruise and that the weather holds out.

Happy anniversary!

The weather during our cruise ended up being fine, but a couple of our port stops  Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, and Sydney, Nova Scotia where cancelled due to the damage they received from hurricane Fiona.

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