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442 miles on the bike in August. Did long rides of 20, 30, 40 and 50 miles. 50 felt like it was enough. Don't know if I'll go farther than that, unless someone dares me or challenges me. I can never resist either of those. Except for doing a triathlon. Or bungy jumping.

As for running, I did all the simple exercises I found. Most of them I've done before from time to time. This time I was much more consistent. Wasn't until the end of 4 weeks that I stopped feeling the pain in the IT band and tightness in the hip. Waited another week to try a run. That was this week, in fact. Two miles on Monday. Two miles on Wednesday. Both took about 18:30. Hopped on the wheels for 40 more minutes so I could call it an hour's worth of cardio. Not in running shape at all, but mildly pleased with the pace after the time off. Doesn't feel great, but fingers crossed that will come again, too. Planning 3 days each for a while. No timetable. I'll stop if it hurts.

Days without running I bike about an hour or so. On the old wheels that used to get me 11 miles or so if I pushed it. Now it's closer to 14 and not as hard. Fancy that.

Dropped another couple of pounds.

One more week before Mrs. Dave and I take the European tour to celebrate our 40th anniversary (last month on the 28th). 10 days. France, Netherlands, Germany, Poland.

What else is new? Not much I guess. 

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Glad to hear you are able to start back running without pain.   9:15/mile sounds pretty good for not being in running shape.

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