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Comeback 2022 - the fork is in.



Because it's done.

Met with the superstar marathoner guy as scheduled. Thought about editing the last entry to update. Then thought about adding another post about how it went. Considered saying a final goodbye to the Loop. Finally decided I needed more time to process things before I could put anything down.

Anyway, here we go.

The visit was a total disappointment. I won't say he just blew me off, but he sort of just blew me off. The basic message was, "You'll old now and have to do more than just go out and run. Look up some ITB exercises on the web and call me in a month."

I agreed and I'm doing them but I'm not happy. Side leg raises, clamshells, hip thrusts (not as fun as it sounds), side hip bridges, pistol squat, hip hikes, side shuffle (with resistance band). Easy stuff, except for the pistol (one legged) squat, which stresses the spot in my ITB that's been the issue since September. Not running.

And so there will be no comeback this year, certainly no marathon. After another month of zero running miles we'll see what's happening and if I can put in some miles on the legs again. 

On the bright side, I do enjoy the riding. The wheel upgrade was definitely needed and certainly worth the $450 I invested. I don't feel any envy about skipping the $X,XXX+ price tag for a Trek or Specialized or one of those other higher end machines, either. Busting out 10-15-even 20 miles any day of the week with no DOMS is nice. Longer rides means more miles, means more scenery to see. Butt's a little sore.

Spent $20 for a handlebar phone mount and started using a set of airpods that my dad gave me a few months ago. Someone gave them to him and he didn't use them.

I sure miss not training for a marathon, though. I miss the long Saturday morning runs. I miss the hard, long intervals, mile repeats, Yassos. I miss thresholds. I dearly miss Tempo Tuesdays. I miss researching races and putting travel plans together. I miss spending those weekends away with Mrs. Dave, visiting a new town or city. I miss expos. I miss new t-shirts. I miss new shoe day.

I miss a lot of things.

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Accepting the limitations as we age is something we need to get used to, I guess. Still sucks, but I'm trying to be more accepting, care less about goals and more about appreciating what we still have. Who knows what biking adventures await?!

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spent a year not running with a bad knee. Physical therapist gave me 15min of exercises to do before every run, several of them the same as yours. I asked, so how long do I have to do this ? 
Answer with a smile, just as long as you want to keep running ;-) 

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My wife came back from the library the other day with a book she picked out for me; "Running Past Fifty - Advice and Inspiration for Senior Runners" by Gail Waesche Kislevitz, which I have just started reading.  At the end of the book's Introduction she says; " If you already run just for the pleasure of getting in a daily workout, you may be ahead of the game.  Regardless of the pursuit -- a medal, or a time out from the day's stress -- running is a gift that needs to be nutured, respected, and loved.  Treat it well and you will enjoy running many, many miles throughout a long life".   My hopes and prayers are that your are able to return to running and that new bike gathers dust in your garage, but in the mean time keep moving and doing all you can to return to that which brings you joy and happiness.

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The fork is not in. Cycle for a bit , do the ITB exercises and SLOWLY add back in running. I’m talking 3 x 1 mile for 2 weeks. If that works add in a long eun of 2 miles the next week.

I scoffed at zero running when I tore my hamstring after Boston. I was fit AF and couldn’t just sit down. Wish I had. I’d have been back way sooner.

Slow and steady. Enjoy the bike and the cross training. If you’re sweating it is all good.

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Time away is good. I find that the return is super hard. It seems natural to increase the mileage and before I know it I've come back too fast and the problem is back. I'm currently riding a bike and maybe run once per week for two miles. *fighting the urge to run longer *

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