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Comeback 2022 - weeks 27 & 28



Yikes! Another two weeks slipping by without my noticing.

With some limited progress, and today I have the long anticipated appointment with the marathon running doctor. As time goes by, everything seems to be getting SLOWLY better anyway, so I'm now worried that there won't be enough pain for him to help me.

Two weeks ago I ran 2 miles twice.

Last week I ran 2 miles on Friday and 4 miles on Saturday. At 2-1/2 miles, I was able to feel the spot in the ITBand twinge a little. Made me wonder if two days in a row running wasn't a good idea. Besides that, the run was hard because it's more miles than I've run in nine months. Assuming doc doesn't restrict me today, I'll go back to 2 milers for this week and monitor things. No doubt I'll have some more exercises to work on again.

Road trip last weekend. Youngest granddaughter was baptized. We watched airline fares for several months with this event upcoming, and it just made no sense to pay that much. So we took a couple of days off and drove to Dallas. Mrs. Dave and I love a good road trip. Stayed the first night in Paducah, KY, home of the National Quilt Museum. Next day we had lunch at a Subway in Hope, AR, birthplace of William Jefferson Clinton. No idea if he ever ate there. On the way back we drove through Mississippi and Alabama since Mrs. Dave hadn't been to either of those two states. Now we both have just Alaska to complete visiting all 50. Been saving that to go along with my Alaska marathon.

News on the (inspired by ocrunnergirl, of course) cycling front. New wheels.


No commas in the price tag, as promised. Had buddy who's into this cycling thing offer to tune it up for me. Figure that saved me $100 or so. Anyway. the first few rides have gone well. Seat's not quite as comfortable as the old one. Faster by 40%, though, and that's fun. Replaced the tires on the old bike and am trying to talk Mrs. Dave into joining me for at least some neighborhood cruising. I'll let you know if she decides to upgrade and be serious about it.

Last month Got a matched set of The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings. It's been many, many years since I've read them and it's a real treat. Good literature is so enjoyable. Some books I've read I find myself thinking, "I should write a book. I could do this." I try not to read too many of those. Life's too short to read bad books.

Went to the Tigers game on Saturday. It was bad. Next year they'll be good, for sure.

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