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Race Week by Sea and by Land



I think it’s week 6.  Or maybe week 5.  Whatever week it is, the 5k is this Saturday and I have been diligently telling my husband that I am not running a marathon this weekend.  There is a BIG difference between a 5k and a marathon.  Please don’t be telling people that your wife and child are running a marathon this weekend.  My body is definitely not marathon ready. 

Last weekend we took 2nd place in the PHRF II fleet at the Whidbey Summer Classic Regatta.  WSCR, pronounced “Whisker” because it’s a navy town and all.  After a weekend of 3-4 races a day Friday through Sunday followed by partying at night, I was tuckered Monday.  And Tuesday.  Wednesday, I was stuck in full blown depressed mode.  A storm that set in a week ago and was masked by force of being committed to racing in the regatta. Thursday, in an attempt to pull myself out from under the mental darkness, I ran.

30 minute run walk to the playground so Mookie could walk/run her pace and Pax could sprint back and forth between us like a rabid squirrel on coffee.  By the pace I’m seeing with the intervals of running and walking, I should finish the 5k this weekend in under 45 minutes.  Mookie wants to run separately. I could use another month to feel ready for this 5k, but I feel like I’ve got the momentum behind me to keep going.  Bonus, there is no ice on the road to slip on after my comeback race this time. 

I skipped the Thursday night race and hubby took the kids while I took some much needed time to myself. Pax and I went to the dog park and walked until I reached my step goal for the day.  On the way home, I spotted the boats in Penn Cove and made a stop at Monroe Landing to watch as Sojourn tacked away from the shore so close I was surprised they didn’t run aground.  Pax enjoyed running on the beach while I waited for the boats to find the mark and head back.  From shore you get an idea of just how far the boats sail into the cove.  Hubby tracked our racing on Friday- 26 miles before his watch died.  It’s fun watching from shore and knowing the names of the boats.  Being able to answer questions random strangers ask “Is there a race or something going on?”  Actually, yes. 

As promised, I rewarded myself with a new set of running clothes for the 5k. At Walmart prices, I figured it doesn’t matter if I hope they will be in the donation pile before next summer.  A pair of shorts with spandex shorts underneath to prevent the dreaded chafe. A pair of capri leggings that will hold my cell phone and two tank tops.  All in appropriate sizes.  No more muffin top, waste band digging into my belly. 

Race report for my first road race in quite some time coming soon.    


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Good Luck on your 5K!  Don't make the mistake I usually make for a 5K and go out too fast at the start.😉

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