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Week 4 moving along into week 5 Goals, Motivation and Rewards



Week 4
The fever returned last weekend so I spent the fourth away from everyone not exactly feeling sick and also not feeling too good. When the fever continued to linger, I rested and hoped that it would go away.  No pain or other symptoms apart from a headache.  The teens had the long fourth of July weekend with their dad and when they returned, Mookie didn’t run either. 

I had a lot of time to think last week about why I hadn’t lost a blasted inch or pound in the first three weeks of running and skipping hubby’s potato chips.  Although I’ve read and watched these things before and feel that I have a pretty good grasp on the knowledge required to create a sensible training plan and a meal plan that promotes health, I googled “Weight Loss after 40 for women.”  Granted, I’m not exactly after 40.  Yet.  I will be after 40 in exactly 42 days.  I think there may be an answer to something in those days left till my birthday but I digress.  I hit enter and let the algorithm offer up some potential articles and videos for me to glean some inspiration, encouragement, motivation and maybe a healthy reminder or two. 

I found this gal: Susan Niebergallfitness 

Goals and Motivation

When hubby saw me watching one of her videos when he was waiting for me to Netfix and Chill with him after dinner, I told him: That is how I want to look in my 50’s.  Truly.  I want to age strong.  Like many of you here on the Loop who haven’t fallen so hard off the treadmill, or trails, or road, or whatever your elixir of youth may be, this gal is doing the things that I know it takes to age with strength and stamina. 

I was also reminded again that in order to lose weight, I really do need to pay attention to not just what I’m eating, but how much I’m eating.

So I wrote out what I like to eat when I’m “spot on” with my nutrition. 

Then I calculated the calories.  I HATE calorie counting folks but this was eye opening. For those tall folks out there who are about to wonder if my weight goals are unrealistic, I am 5’2”.  Turns out I have been eating enough calories to support a 150-155 pound frame on the days even on the days that I was “on target”.  If I want to get back down to 125-135, I need to limit my calories to what a 125 pound person needs.  No wonder I’m not shedding a blasted inch of body fat.  My body fat percentage currently hovers just under 30%.  When I was in marathon shape, that number was 26%.  I’d like to see my BF% drop to below 28%. 

Motivation and Rewards

Just in case I don’t lose any weight, I also set some goals and rewards that aren’t tied to any changes in BF% or weight.  The race is two weeks away and my running gear is all sized for a petite 125-135 pound woman.  My tightest leggings I have already passed on to the teens.  Some of the running skirts wait in hope that if I run enough the shorts underneath them won’t be too small for my thighs.  I don’t even attempt to put those on right now.  With two weeks left till the 5k, this mama is going to reward herself for moving forward and getting to race day.  I will be getting myself a running outfit that fits all 150 pounds of me.  Something that doesn’t pinch and roll.  Something I hope will be too big for me next year, but if not, something that lets me celebrate that at least I am out moving again. 

This morning’s run went well.  Pax was beside herself excited after a week of keeping Mama company in bed between spurts of necessary duties.  We found our way to the elementary school and ran around that field for most of our run while Pax gleefully sprinted between us off leash for a little while. 

I'm feeling highly motivated to stick with the food plan I mapped out yesterday.  The literal vat of soup I made last night for dinner will make super easy lunches all around this week.  My garden has peas and some salad greens to harvest for tonight's dinner.  This afternoon's temperature will determine whether I take the kids foraging or swimming.  

Tomorrow, I will return to the gym.  

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So ambitious. Good for you.

I'm down to marathon weight even though I'm not training much lately (as mentioned ad nauseum in all my posts), thanks to drastically reducing sugar and carbs. Eliminating sugar wasn't too hard, but cutting carbs is killer. After 4 months, it's habit enough that I don't need to track anymore.

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Diet and weight are such personal things as we are all different.  I think it is important to eat health foods most of the time, and we all need protein, carbs, and fat.  I  recommend "Nancy Clark's Sports Nutrition Guidebook".  Nancy has alot of experience as sports nutritionist and the book has great nutrional info and recipes for active people.   Personally, reducing portion size was the biggest factor for me getting to a more healthy wieght.

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Calories are so minimal for us short women. Lots of fresh produce and good quality protein- chicken, tuna, fish. Minimal carbs. Weight will come off especially with your running and lifting (I think you lift?) Muscle burns more calories.

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On 7/18/2022 at 9:33 AM, ocrunnergirl said:

Calories are so minimal for us short women. Lots of fresh produce and good quality protein- chicken, tuna, fish. Minimal carbs. Weight will come off especially with your running and lifting (I think you lift?) Muscle burns more calories.

I lift.  It's been fun this summer bringing Bean to the gym with me and teaching them about the benefits and sharing my philosophy around weights.  I like to lift heavy and challenge myself to get stronger. Had a long break from the gym with COVID.  Feels good to be back in a place that has weights that challenge me.  I quickly outgrow what my home has to offer. 


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