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Runs with Mookie Week 2 Run 2



I didn't expect this to happen.  
Maybe I hoped a little, but I didn't think it was possible.  
Maybe it was just a fluke.
Today, only two weeks and exactly 5 runs into this training for my first 5k in overtwo years, the 40 yo Mom outran the teen.  

We are still doing intervals of running and walking, but we are going for 20 minutes this week and running 2 blocks with a recovery of one block walking.  

About ten minutes in, Mookie stopped running two blocks.  My legs were feeling extra tired today but I pushed through, finished the two blocks and turned around to walk back to her.  She was feeling nauseous.  

Ah yes.  Nausea.  Trying to figure out if a body wants a snack before or after a run.  Working through the initial tantrums our bodies throw when we first begin to push them to go further and get stronger.  For me, I get nauseous during strength training if I don't have a small snack beforehand.  Short runs are best done on an empty stomach.  Long runs... well, we aren't there yet. Maybe Friday I'll suggest she have a piece of toast before our run.  

We finished the run with me running two blocks and doubling back to meet her during my recovery walk.  She ran, walked, walked and then ran a little more.  

Back at the house while I worked through the preventative stretching our bodies demand, Mookie shared that her ears hurt too.  

This too, I am familiar with and the reason that I often wear ear covers even when it isn't particularly cold outside.  It's been warm enough lately to skip the ear covers for myself, but it's another thing to suggest for our next run. 

Nausea, ear pain, tired muscles that beg us to stop, why do we even stick with this process long enough for it to feel enjoyable for more than 30 minutes?  (Her nausea/ear pain etc. all went away within an hour of finishing the run) 

I suppose I can be grateful that I know what lies on the other side of the difficult startup. I remember what it was like to run 10 miles for the simple pleasure of the meditative drumming out of all the days aggravations. I assure Mookie that this will get easier.  It feels more challenging to run around the neighborhood because its not a flat track. 

Tomorrow morning I am scheduled to take Bobby and Bean to the gym.  Planet Fitness rolled out the welcome mat for high schoolers this summer with a free pass for ages 14-17.  It was the final nudge I needed to return to the gym again.  

My next run with Mookie will be on Friday.  Maybe she'll bounce back and be able to keep up with or pass me again.  

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