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Comeback 2022 - weeks 21-22



Two weeks between entries. You know what that means. Either:

1) Been running so much there's been no time to post.

B) The last test run was so terrible that I've been too bummed to try putting anything into words.

Yeah, so I went out for another couple. This time (Tuesday of last week - my new plan was to go Tue-Thu-Sat), it hurt so bad I decided to wait longer before trying again. Since there are times when it hurts walking up stairs or lifting, I'll wait at least until those are pain free. Then there's the related hip pain. As long as that's around, I presume the ITB will still be a problem.

As a result, no running for about a week and a half now.

Getting some walking in when I can. Had an appointment with the ophthalmologist on Wednesday. Walked there and back. Five miles. Yesterday I needed another PSA draw since that's been a year. Four miles. Sometimes I'll just go out walking.

Had my first follow up with the internist on Friday last. He was really happy with my glucose numbers and the fact that I've lost ten pounds since January. The same ten pounds that prompted Mrs. Dave to worry that I have pancreatic cancer and I'm also seeing a urologist and having a bunch of other tests to make sure I don't. So far, they've all come back negative, which of course means it's all good.

Then on Friday I took my son's old bicycle, put air in the tires, checked and adjusted the brakes, and raised the seat and handlebars. I've been thinking for awhile about switching to a bike for some of the errands that I do around town. With gas topping $5/gallon, it seemed like the right moment. So, on Saturday I biked two miles to help a family load up a moving truck, then came home, adjusted the seat a little more, and planned a trip to pick up some fabric for a little Christmas project I've been working on. Seven miles one way to Joann Fabrics. Helped that it was perfect weather for riding a bike, and I really enjoyed the speed. I must admit the speed was more pedestrian than cycling. But it's a 25 year old machine that's really sized for a 12 year old kid. And apparently Garmin doesn't pause like when you're running and I forgot to stop it a few times while I was in and out of stores. But, whatever. On the roads for about three hours, logged almost 22 miles.

Failed to mention I was also using the only helmet that we had around the house, which was also 20+ years old. It seemed adequate until I took it off and the end of the day, when it sort of fell apart into two pieces. I had noticed that Walmart/Target/Meijer all had helmets for about $30, so when I made my last stop of the day for groceries at Costco (automobile this time) and saw they had some for $32, I grabbed my upgrade. Last night I Amazon-ed a pair of riding gloves.

And I have four new badges in my Garmin app. Sunday after church I spent an hour and put in 12 miles.

Now I'll have to decide if I'm going to spend any money on an adult bicycle.

But the bottom line is, I still can't run. Seven months now.

I hate that.

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Just watched "The Human Race" on Amazon Prime, a documentary about older runners.   It was pretty inspring and gave hope that it's possible to continue running for a long time.

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I love that your helmet was as old as your bike.  Glad you didn't need the helmet to do its job before you replaced it.  

You need a proper bike.  I'm going through bloops and coming late to the conversations, but while you work through the things to get back to running, a good bike is a joy.  

Meanwhile, I have a lovely bike I treated myself to for mother's day 6 years ago... But too many kids to cart around with me during errand running and a dog who didn't grow as big as expected... So I'm not sure she'd be able to keep up with a bike ride.  

Feels good to be coming back though.  Thanks for reminding me that Loopville still exists.

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