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Comeback 2022 - week 20



2 miles. Maybe 4.

My plan is to go out for a couple today, making it 2 runs for the week.

Two doctor appointments on Thursday this week.

First was the follow up with the ortho on this ITB/hip thing, since PT was a bust for the most part. Not that I don't appreciate the work and human contact. Built some glute strength. But he never did address the root cause and that's disappointing. The ITB is all knotted up, which is putting downward pressure on the hip, which in turn is stressing the attachment point of the gluteus medius and greater trochanter. Official diagnosis for that pain is bursitis.

Let's back up to Tuesday. I worked the ITB pretty hard with the foam roller, stretched a bunch and went out to see what I could see. After an almost six month layoff, I was happy enough with a 1/4 jog, 100m walk. The good news was that it ITB was quiet the whole time. Felt the GM pulling a little bit on the run segments. Stretched after and it all seemed OK both that evening and the next day. Of course, after reporting this to the ortho and having him say there wasn't anything else he could do for me, both laces hurt all day yesterday.

Today it seems OK, so I'll give it another go, assuming the weather cooperates. T-storms are in the forecast.

Also need to cut the grass. I'm not officially participating in No-Mow May, but you wouldn't know it from the looks of my lawn. Think we're up to about six inches.

Doc visit number two was with a gastroenterologist. Don't go to one of these if you don't have to. Been waiting on this appointment since March and it was almost delayed again to July. Anyway, this consult was for some stomach issues I've been having since last fall. Those issues, combined with my recent diabetes diagnosis and weight loss (10 pounds), makes Mrs. Dave nervous about "C". Gave some blood to check the liver (all good), going to get my digestive tract scoped on Monday, another appointment at another place next month (don't remember exactly what for) and a follow-up with the GI doc in July.

Seems like since the Ragnar /ITB injury, I've just gotten all messed up everywhere. I became old in what seems like the blink of an eye.

Since I've been tracking my glucose levels every morning, it's come down to a mostly reasonable amount. But it's sort of wonky and unpredictable. Don't know what that's about. Perfect example is the past two days, where I had the same dinner the night before and did no walking or running. 142 (not good) to 116 (pretty good). I'm supposed to be between 80-130 (yellow and red lines). The lowest day in the past week (99) was the morning after I ate two donuts and had a bunch of Red Robin steak fries and half a Banzai Burger for dinner.


Had an interesting visitor this morning. Opened the back curtains to find this guy standing about 3 feet from the window on my patio. He wandered around the yard for a few more minutes, ate some leaves from the shrubbery, then hopped the fence and went off in the direction of the woods, having to cross two more yards and a street to get there.


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Why would you eat 2 donuts when you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes? That doesn’t make sense? 

Try swimming or biking for the summer. Maybe a different activity will  help keep your mind off of running.

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17 hours ago, ocrunnergirl said:

Why would you eat 2 donuts when you’ve been diagnosed with diabetes? That doesn’t make sense? 

Try swimming or biking for the summer. Maybe a different activity will  help keep your mind off of running.

I'm just barely over the line for the diagnosis, and am insulin resistant as opposed to not producing enough insulin, so a donut or two on occasion is fine. I'm not going to go into a coma. Frankly, it seems like there should be another term to separate it from Type 2 diabetes, but that's another rant. And don't miss my point - there seems to be no correlation to my diet/exercise with the glucose numbers. This week I had a swing from 142 (not good) to 116 (pretty good) on consecutive days with the exact same menu and activity level. Not to mention I have ZERO of the symptoms tat are supposed to accompany high glucose numbers. Still looking for answers.

We've had the conversation about XT before. I have looked into borrowing a bike this year, so you can be smug about that if you like. 😜

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