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Comeback 2022 - week 19



Another week, another ....

Nothing, really. Had final PT session on Monday and have an appointment with the ortho on Thursday coming up. Really hope he doesn't want to talk about my hip.


OK, I feel better now. Emotionally anyway.

Also have an appointment (at Mrs. Dave's insistence) with a GI doc on Thursday. This is part of our quest to get to the bottom of this diabetes mystery. There are two possible outcomes from this line of inquiry. Either a) they find nothing and there's no reason for me to have insulin resistance issues, or 2) I have pancreatic cancer. Awesome.

Plans for our Europe trip are going slightly better. We need to trim the itinerary a little so we aren't over-scheduled. Probably will have to skip Poland with everything happening in eastern Europe. At this point, broadly speaking, it'll be like this:

  • Couple of days in Paris
  • Day in Normandy
  • Day (maybe 2) in Amsterdam
  • Couple of days in Berlin

We want to get to a few more WWII sites, but we're not in our 20's anymore, so that may be too much.

Speaking of travel, my 45th HS reunion is this summer and I've been waffling heartily about going, since we can fly to Europe for less than airfare to UT is right now. EXCEPT, this morning I figured a work around that saves me half and makes it affordable. A pair of one-ways, a long layover in Las Vegas and some points I have on Southwest. Old guys like me should go to these because who knows how many we have left, right?

Two baseballs games this week, both complimentary and both from work events. Monday Mrs. Dave had tickets from her work (Tigers lost). Thursday I had a work outing that including BBQ and a game (Tigers lost again).

Still, an afternoon at the park is better than an afternoon at work.

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