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Comeback 2022 - week 18



Another week of zero progress.

Plenty of strength work. Pushing a weighted sled, resistance bands, bridges, lunges. Hip flexibility stuff. PT says he's impressed with how much strength I have for someone my age. 🤣  The last two sessions he's had me run a little. Just up and down the indoor field. Felt a little pain where the ITB attaches to the rear of the hip. If I knew that's all it would do I'd keep running. But it gets progressively worse and hurts more later as things cool. He is ready to throw in the towel and send me back to the doctor. About time.

This morning the pain in my side is back, too. Mrs. Dave says I'm just old. No doubt that's right, but I'm not convinced that's all it is.

Bought a new printer this week. It arrived without one of the setup cartridges. When I told Amazon about it, they asked if I wanted a refund or a replacement and to keep the one I got. Told them all I needed was the one cartridge, to no avail. So I researched how to start the printer without a setup cartridge, took the refund and bought two new cartridges. Free printer! Thanks, Amazon.

Still no dining room table.

We were planning a trip to the UK this summer with some friends but that's fallen through. We talked about several things to do instead and have (finally) decided (probably) on a 10 day tour of World War II sites - Normandy, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and (hopefully, depending on the Ukraine situation) Warsaw/Krakow/Auschwitz.

45th HS reunion is this summer. Hoping airfare drops a little before deciding about making that trip. Happy to go, just don't know if I'm $600 happy.

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Getting older and not being able to fix what is ailing you is certainly frustrating - Hang in there.

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