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racing this year

doug in co


picture is from last fall's elk hunting trip.. been trying for ten years, this is the first of all the coming years when I won't be going up a mountain in the fall looking for elk. I'll miss it though in some ways it's a relief, a lot of planning, then physically and mentally tough long days in the field. Applications go in April and I didn't have to spend those hours of analyzing snowpack, forage, long-range weather forecasts, herd reports, etc etc. 

After my sainted PT fixed (mostly) the L knee, and the heel bursitis is mostly under control, I was hoping to actually run a couple races this year. Turns out the race is against old Father Time, who is undefeated.. I can do the miles I used to do, slower than before, but the real change is in recovery. A long run even easy takes about 3 days of recovery. Four days of moderate training in a row is the best I can do, then have to lie down and breathe slowly for a day. The HRV4Training app on my phone has been useful as it gives an objective measure for the stress/recovery status. I'd always feel a bit of guilt when not working out, or backing off the scheduled workout to something easier. The app lets me see my weariness is not mere laziness and I really do need that rest day. 

So the plan got scaled way back. The Red Desert half-marathon on trail/dirt road in September, and a sprint distance triathlon next week. The Ordinary Mortals tri ran from the early 90s until 2006, I raced it from 2000 to 2006, winning my age group for the first time in that last race. The original race director retired and it faded away, renewed at a different location with different courses in 2012 or so. That coincided with my personal lapse in racing so I haven't yet raced this course. Planning to wear my 2002 race shirt to the race, the shirt is beautifully faded and comfortable 😉 
Race report to come, should I survive.. 

In other news, we hosted an Easter party for church with a spit-roast lamb and roughly 60 people, for the first time in 3 years. We were all very happy to be there and see each other.. 




one son away at college, the other actually flew home for Easter because he knows what a good party it is.. 



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That Father Time guy really chaps my hide. Congrats on getting back in the game.

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