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Comeback 2022 - week 15-17



Losing steam.

PT continues.

Went to Boston to see DS1 run. Met with him and his girls. Helped them navigate the suburbs from Hopkinton to Copley Square. Were able to see him at mile 4 in Ashland, 6-1/2 in Framingham, 9 at Fisk Pond, 10 in Natick, 13 and 16 in Wellesley, 20 in Newton, and 22 at Cleveland Circle. Props for the new tracking app, which let us see if we had time to get where we wanted in time. Obviously, he had the more physically challenging day, but it was pretty stressful getting to all those places with three adults and three kids (aged 7, 9 & 11). Then there's the whole finding your people after the race fun. And parking in downtown Boston on Patriot's Day at the end of the marathon.

1648142218_Sara2022041700.thumb.jpg.f021a84a3206a67f4e685543a29a4838.jpgI was able to meet irl my very first friend on the Loop, SIbbetson. Thirteen years ago she was the first to comment on my very first post. Closest we've come before was when I stopped for a day in Reed Springs, MO for a tiny marathon. Think she was still in Kansas then. We texted Sunday while the family was at the expo and she was eating lunch close by with three of her fast friends. Long time dream fulfilled.391224590_DWS2022041900.thumb.jpg.d02d5af56a6d0193e48eec11d0fbac2d.jpg

Huge snowstorm across New York state the day we were driving back so we took a loop to the south and came home through Pennsylvania, stopping for a quick visit to ...(wait for it!). (Who is that old guy, anyway?)

The furnace has been acting up the past few weeks and it was 50o in the house when we got home. Had a guy come look at it. Probably the controls going out. It's 34 years old. So, we got a new one. They came out today to install a special chimney liner needed for high efficiency furnaces in older homes (ours is from 1966). They almost had to call for a mason to tear into the chimney, which would have been who knows how much, but in the end were able to get the liner done as is. Then we noticed water in the basement coming from the dishwasher. Leaky inlet valve. That - fortunately - I can do myself. $20.

Four weeks later, we still don't have a dining room table. Can't find anything we really like.

There you go.

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Props for seeing your son at 8 places along the Marathon - finding places to park must have been a nightmare.  Also like your outfit in the picture -- I have the same one.

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my wife maintains it's much harder being a marathon supporter, than running it 😉
all that dashing around and trying to find parking and/or synchronize on public transport.. 

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