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Monumental marathon & a new age group

N2runningbad a.k.a. Dean


Well this has been quite awhile.

Early next month I'll be running my 3rd marathon this year and my first in a new age group. The course record for my new age group was set last year with a 3:15. That's my goal is to break that and keep all of us old guys honest!!

It's good to see a bunch of the old group here. 


Runners make the BEST friends!

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3 marathons in one year is big! I'm a once a year guy or maybe even once every couple of years.

Go get that course record!

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So good to see you over here, Dean-O. I was just in L'ville over the weekend. Remember that time we (literally) ran into each other down there? Good times. Good luck going after the record. I was looking to get into that 3:15-20 neighborhood but ended up overtrained and a little injured this summer. Maybe next year.

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Dean - I saw you run in Chicago a few(?) years ago... you are fast!  I hope you're not in my age group - - go get em!


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I'll be 60 this month and after going back and re-reading my post that should have been that I ran a 3:07 in June.

Chicago is where I ran my 2:59:52 ten days before my 57th birthday.

Would love to run a bit faster still.

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6 minutes ago, N2runningbad a.k.a. Dean said:

Dave that was a good day. To be out running and get to see you. What are the chances? If we just had done a photo opt.

I know! And I even had my phone that day.

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You just made a lot of dudes your age really nervous. No doubt you can get this. Glad to see you here, Dean! 

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