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Foot Update




I received a call from my orthopedist's office informing me the results of my ultrasound indicated that I did not Morton's Neuroma, but that instead I had a case of bursitis on one of my small toes with a bit of arthritis.   I had been run/walking and then had gradually switching to running some.   The bursitis was not bothering me too much, but after running almost 10 miles on this past Saturday, my foot was pretty sore today.   I have also been doing Melt Method foot exercises which make use of small soft and hard rubber balls.   I think I am going to rest my foot to give it a chance to recover from the bursitis before I resume running again.   Ugh!  The Cherry Blossom 10 miler that I am registered for next Sunday has a maximum time of 2:20 or 14 min/mile.   I could either elect to run walk the 10 miler or switch to the 5K.   I am not sure what I am going to due, but switching to the 5K probably makes more sense.

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No recommendation here. But those toe/exercises I've found to actually be effective, so keep at it. PT always takes longer than seems reasonable.

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I'd probably run the CB 10 and then rest it afterwards, but I'm kind of reckless like that. Hoping those PT exercises help.

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