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Comeback 2022 - week 11



Good news and bad news this week.

Good news is that I ran three days this week. 3 miles each, with a little break to walk half way.

How'd it go? So-so. Limped through the first half mile with pain about a third of the way down the right femur. All the pain as started to concentrate there. What does that mean? Sort of numbs up after that. Then hurts to touch the rest of the time, when I walk up stairs, and when I twist it. Thinking about an ortho consult.

In the meantime, walked 3 miles yesterday instead of running. No limping, but the pain the rest of the day was the same.

Anything else going on? Not really.

Kids may not be moving until May, so the urgency to get out there is less. Still, if I didn't need to get out to see Dad I don't think I'd go. Doesn't really make economic sense.

I'd rather be talking about running.

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