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Comeback 2022 - week 10




Guess who ran this week?

I did a mile both Friday after posting and Saturday. Boy, am I out of shape. Not a hundred yards out on that first run I was huffing and puffing. Sucked it up and finished, then remembered that I donated blood earlier in the week. I don't bounce back as quickly from that as I used to, either. Saturday was better.

This week I extended to 2 miles per day. For the first 3 I walked a little before turning around, but yesterday kept going all the way. I feel like such a noob. You start wherever you are, though, and that's where I am. Not wearing a watch yet, so am only guessing at 10 minute miles.

Pain-wise, I give the leg a B-. The hip seems OK at the pedestrian pace I'm going. What I used to call the upper ITB that I'm now sort of wondering is a femur issue (stress reaction or even a fracture? - may need to ask about x-rays or a bone scan if it continues to linger) is a C. I feel something but it doesn't seem to get worse over the mile or two I've done so far, nor does it bother me the rest of the night. If I can add miles and it stays like this, then I'll accept it as me being old and keep on. Right knee was a little sore after the 2-milers, which may have been either age or the insert that Amanda put in that shoe. I took it out to see if it gets better. The ribs bother me a little when I'm sitting and working, but mostly those are OK now.

In another concession to my diabetes diagnosis, we bought a glucose meter on Saturday and I've been doing the finger poke every morning. So far, I've measured a little sweet at 160, 146, 142, 136, 151, and 122. This after taking metformin for two weeks. Giving it another couple of weeks to get down under 100 and then upping the dose. Could be worse, I know. I sure miss pie. And Butterfingers.

The new SIL got hired at the post office in Idaho Falls. That means the kids now both have permanent full-time jobs in the same place. So they'll be leaving their little studio and getting a bigger place. Mrs. Dave says this means I'll be making a visit to help them move. Not that they have more than two Civics full of anything to move. I do need to see my dad (he turns 90 this year). We have several items of furniture in the basement she want's me to take with me. Trouble with that is that renting a U-Haul would cost more than just having them buy new stuff. Still working on options for that.

Boston coming up. DS2 is running and we'll be there. In fact, we signed up to volunteer at packet pickup Sunday morning. No idea where we'll be exactly, but feel free to come find us.

Speaking in church this weekend. Obviously I'll be using analogies based on running marathons.

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