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Comeback 2022 - week 9



Can't say I ran this week.

Although, it was nice enough on Wednesday that I walked for 3 miles. Doesn't sound like much, but as far as I'm concerned, this year that's progress and progress is a win.

Don't know if it's the metformin, but been having serious gut pain lately, especially after eating. Last night we made pizza and I could only eat a few bites before I felt more than full. That's right. Me, who believes the only good pizza is an eaten pizza. A man who regularly eats an entire Little Caesar's in one sitting. If there's pizza to be seen, there's pizza to be eaten. It's a mortal sin to leave pizza on the table. I'm that guy.

Couldn't eat another bite.

Not as bad today.

We have this cute little holiday seat cover that's been showing some wear.


A couple of the grommets have disappeared. Last week I decided it was time for a new project and have chosen to replace the little guy. Mrs. Dave decided that I should make one for all the kids. So I have to make 4 more. Until she decides that she wants to give one to someone else.

It's coming along fairly well. Ready for the stitching, which will be the hard part. Not my best skill.


After a year of coaxing I finally convinced Mrs. Dave to replace her computer. Hers has been a problem child for over a year. Noisy (fan) and so, so slow. She's thanking me now.

Going to try another run this afternoon. Maybe a mile. It's scary. Remember when I wrote that anything less than 4 miles was hardly worth the effort. Those were good times.

When we did the bedroom a few months ago we found some lamps we liked so much we wanted a set like them for the living room. Only they weren't available anywhere. Until last week when I thought I'd try looking again. Now the living room is done except for the walls because we (I mean Mrs. Dave) can't decide what we want there.

They asked me to speak in church next week. Of course, I'm talking about how running marathons are like life. Frankly, because it is and people should understand that.

When I do start running again for real, I'll be writing every day again, at least until the finish of my next marathon. Like the old days, except there's no big group of vocal supporters here like the old days. Just a few and you're almost all silent. I forgive you.

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19 hours ago, Cliff said:

Celiac disease?

Not likely. It's not isolated to gluten and there are no other similar symptoms.

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