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Comeback 2022 - week 8




Some days I feel like I should switch the title of these to "My Post-Running Life."

Did a couple of hour walks on the TM this week. Both OK.

Started taking metformin for my blood sugar. Still working out the best time to take it. Common side effect is stomach upset, which I'm having.

Yesterday was sunny and beautiful. Seemed like a good afternoon to take my walk outdoors. Didn't count on the wind or how miserable it is to be cold when walking. Funny how I could run and run and run in temps as low as 0F. I bundled up reasonably well, considering it was almost 30. But as soon as I turned the corner and walked into the wind ... yuck. Went another few hundred yards before deciding that my minimum walking temp is much, much higher than my minimum running temp. Came home and did some weights, which I hate.

Hip is sore today.

Not giving up yet.

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My minimum walking temperature is also much, much warmer than my minimum running temperature - same goes for biking and elliptigoing, and really just for leaving the house in general. 😉

Never give up!

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I used to run in everything.. last month in MN I decided that I was no longer running in single digit temps, and did laps indoors at U of MN's beautiful facility.. 

ugh on the diabetes and meds. I'm pre-diabetic apparently despite forty years of running and triathlon.. last week was cross-country skiing with some friends, we were comparing our heart EKG apps on the phones. Steve (67) then said, "but wait till you need the blood glycogen ones too !" gee thanks Steve.. 

My old doctor retired. My new doctor said, you can control this with diet and exercise. I lost it a bit.. if I exercised any more I'd need to retire to get the workouts in, been eating clean for decades now.. 



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