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Comeback 2022 - week 7




Back home from Seattle.


Spending a week in the PNW is great and terrible. Working three time zones away from normal means a 4 AM start. Also means my eyelids are drooping at 8 PM. Eating lunch at breakfast time, ready for dinner at 2 PM.

Remote work means 8 days away from home with only 2 days of vacation times used.

GS is 5-1/2 months. Don't often see a little one as happy and self-entertaining as this kid. He's 18 pounds already. I think our 4 were all a year old before they weighed that much.

Mrs. Dave bought her mother a shower chair for her birthday in October. Even with the rest of the family within 20 minutes of her apartment, I assembled it while we were there.

Walked for a half hour with GS one day. I was ready to stop half way because he's so heavy.

Walked an hour another day. No issues even on the Seattle hills. 

DD1/SIL had a 2K piece puzzle started. Spent most of my free time putting it together. Probably 60% or so done  when we left.


Had CT scan with contrast this morning, looking into why my gut feels stuffed and stretched all the time. One more thing.

Walked an hour on the treadmill last night. ITB a little sore after and walking up the stairs. Calling progress on the hip/ITB today as "marginally improved."

Ribs are still sore when I'm sitting down.


These Winter Olympics are equal parts farce, tragedy, and outrage. China is the absolute worst place for this event and I hope they NEVER get the chance to host another.

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