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Comeback 2022 - week 5




More boulders in the middle of the highway.

The ribs were so bad that I went in to see the doc again. She didn't think there was anything other than sore ribs, but ordered 2 sets of X-rays to make sure. The first set was clean but the second showed a "nodular opacity projecting over the right fourth posterior rib." Might just be a spec on the film. It also might be a "pulmonary nodule," which may or may not be important or something serious. In either case, it's not related to the pain in my side. Having a CT scan on Monday to see what it shows.

The ribs bother me much more than the hip, although that's still not 100%. I can feel it when I walk up stairs or sit for too long. I may try to run a little tomorrow.

While I was at the doc last week I had the a1c checked again. Last time it had dropped from 6.8 in May to 6.2, below the diabetic threshold (6.5). This time it was 7.5. He recommended taking metformin. But Mrs. Dave and I want more answers before we go there.

Like, how does a guy who doesn't smoke, drink or consume alcohol, avoids sugar and runs 6 days a week (current hip issue aside) have diabetes? I also have none of the symptoms that I'm supposed to have if I'm diabetic.

Met with an endocrinologist this morning. Took her through all my risk factors (none), family history (none), and my symptoms (none). Urine and blood samples. Blood sugar is high. Not crazy high like I've seen with friends who are diabetic (all of them seriously overweight, btw), but unmistakably over the line (134 - below 100 is normal).

Taking one pill a day is a small price to pay to get it back down, but ... why? Am I just a freak?

Kids bought me a fun puzzle for my birthday. It was a couple of weeks late, so it's like having two birthdays. Less pieces than I normally do, but the shape of the pieces made it really interesting to put together. And I love Frederic Remington's work.

Run a mile for me.66563500749__652BBF6A-FA98-4F6C-8F0F-653113A4CC58.thumb.jpg.83a380b18caae0babe0e23be972e0be7.jpg

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Ugh. So sorry it’s been such a struggle. Weird about the blood sugar. Praying for some answers soon.

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My wife who is a PA and a year older than you started taking metformin a couple years ago on the advice of her doctor when she was prediabetic with A1C of 6.0 with no symptons other than some fatigue, her A1C is now 6.4 and she is continuing to take metaformin at the same original doesage.   It is hard to know how an individuals genetics is going to affect ones health, especially as we get older, but everything that you are currently doing will a help reduce the reduce the effects that diabetes can have on your future health.  Not treating diabetes, even without symptons poses some health risks; including cardiovascular disease, kidney damage, and eye damage, among others.  In my prayers for your improved health.

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That puzzle is really great! I pray you find answers about the blood sugar levels and hip and rib pain. Patience is hard and you've had to have a lot of it!

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