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Comeback 2022 - week 4





No progress on the hip pain. Obviously the longer this goes on the more I'm inclined to thinking it's something pretty serious. Career ending? Maybe. As it happens I know an ortho who specializes in hips. Unfortunately, while he's a friend he also lives in Blanding, UT and just had his own knee replaced. So I'm waiting a little farther into his recovery before I bug him for free advice.

Over three months on the intercostal pain. Like the hip, the longer this thing lingers the more I worry that it's more than just a pulled muscle.

Wasn't it just last winter when I relished running in sub-freezing temps and snow? Maybe that the the year before. Now I sit inside the house and look at the blanket of white and listen to Alexa tell me that, "Right now, it's 19 degrees. Tonight, expect a low of 2 degrees," and I'm not even interested in testing what the wind chill would feel like on my face for a double digit run. Not that I could run more than a mile right now anyway.

Walked an hour twice this week. Monday and Wednesday. Skipped today because the hip was overly sore after Wednesday and the ribs are bothering me a fair amount today.



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