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Comeback 2022 - Week 2 (a big step backward)




In the spirit of things not going according to plan...

Since the three runs last week went well enough, I decided to try extended the mile treadmill test with 1/2 mile of easy running to 1-1/2.

Didn't work.

The next three days my hip hurt. What's worse, it hurt in a place that I'm pretty sure wasn't a place that indicated a strained or sore IT Band or anything else muscular. This time it was right in the outside of the joint. The place I'd expect to have something seriously wrong with a (on Monday) 63 year old hip with a couple dozen thousand miles on it. Not that I ever expected my hip to go out enough to end my running career. Nor do I know enough to say that that's what happened. 

Anyway, what it means for now is that I've taken the rest of this week off and am questioning whether to try again before the end of January.

For now, I'm watching plenty of movies and shows on Disney+ and Prime Video, plus football on the weekends. OK, I'd be doing that regardless of my running status.

But it does suck not to run.



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Have you thought about trying something else for a while - like spinning? It's not the same, but it will give you a great big endorphin rush - which can be very helpful in the dark world where running is not possible.

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If you are wearing the heel insert you were given,  you might want to look into that too.  I was told that leg discrepancy is not always truly bone related and mostly superficial. It is different,  for most people,  from day to day since it is mostly related with muscle tightness ( if you sit , sleep weird ... ) For example, the discrepancy before and after a massage is mostly different, sometimes significantly. After few experiences, I am skeptical of inserts in general. 

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Like @CompulsiveRunner suggested, I am still working on tendinitis in my left foot.  No running in the last few months.  I just got back to riding (indoors it's -1 today) and it has helped lift my spirits.  I had been working with a PT for a couple of months, but for unrelated reasons, I needed to stop.  It took me a while, but I progressed to where he allowed me to push through the pain.

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