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2022 Comeback - Week 1




Three runs last week. 1/2 mile each.

These are all walks on the treadmill. Monday and Wednesday I did 1/4 jogs twice with a mile total. Friday I walked 1/4, jogged 1/2 and then walked another 1/4.

How did they go? Not terrible. The two areas I'm watching closely of course are the right hip and upper IT Band. Only the tiniest niggle in either for all three sessions. I hesitate to call these workouts.

Even better, nothing post session to speak of in either place.

Trying to think of what else happened last week and I'm coming up empty. Things have really slowed down in the life of Dave so far this year. I should try to enjoy it as much as I can, since who knows what's going to happen this afternoon or the rest of the year.

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