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Just one mile




Year-end wrap up.  A couple of races, a summer of good running/getting out for some miles most days, then a complete loss of fitness/motivation through December.  Happens every year.

Typically, I get back in the mood to train for something at the end of January, but I feel the call already this year...might be because we hosted Christmas for the first time ever, and everyone in the family brings 50 cookies for 20 people, so at least 100 cookies (no exaggeration) were left here (along with leftover pies and cake).  Plus, I wanted to bake a bunch of different kinds cookies with DD, so let's just say the freezer (and my belly) are full of cookies! oh and, working from home (our office closed completely), so no office kitchen to drop them at even. Motivation to get some miles in = feel less guilty eating all of the cookies.

Went out for 1.5 miles yesterday.  Needed to tell myself "just one mile" to get out the door.  Does anyone else get nervous about running when they haven't done it in a few weeks...same feeling as before a race.  Nervous about the uncomfortable I guess, but you never regret getting out for a (non-injury) run!  The "short" run (plus DH got me the "running dynamics pod" for Christmas - Yay new toys!) got me excited enough to try out a Garmin coach plan with a random target of a half marathon in April (I'll figure a race out later). Today was a "test run" for the program to determine fitness and set up the plan.  Went for 2min WU, 5min hard, 2min CD.  Just squeaked in 1 mile! Yay! Program set and 3 easy runs 20-30 min set for the rest of the week.  Program is interesting in that it sets a range of paces, adapts to how you are doing weekly, and (at least for these first three runs, provides a minimum (20 minutes) and an extra bit (10 min) "if you are feeling good").  Still excited!

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and best wishes for a wonderful running 2022 to all of you!!

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Never nervous unless it's an injury-caused break. Maybe because I've had so many of both. Best of luck getting up to another half this spring.

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