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Monday's test run was not bad. Quieter at the hip and the ITB. Even better, not much extra pain after.

Second round of PT on Wednesday worked on a few strengthening exercises, then John did a few things. Told me to run. ITB was fine but the hip hurt moderately. Then later that night and most of the next day it was back to the same old pain. 

Patience, I guess.

Put together the IKEA bed with the storage drawers underneath. Those are still empty since we haven't decided what to put in there. Stuff from the random closets and dressers in the spare bedrooms (ha! all the bedrooms are spare now, aren't they?). Surprised at how sturdy these things are. Although I did break one of the locking pieces. Fortunately, I've collected all sorts of bits and pieces of things over the years and just happened to have exactly what I needed to replace it. Cosmetically a little different, but since it's not visible, who cares?

PT again today.



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While I've never run at your level, I feel your pain.  A few months ago I ran through a little zing I felt.  Seemed silly not too, it truly was just one quick little zing.  Then that turned into a brief pain in my heel, again ran through it.  That progressed into the first few minutes were a little painful, but went away.  You guessed it, I foolishly kept this up to the point the whole run was either uncomfortable or painful.  

I haven't been able to run in at least a couple of months, and riding is pretty much out too.  Been in PT for about 4 or 5 weeks.  Typing this with my boot on.  Not a real boot, more of a sleeping boot.  It's too big to sleep with so I have a Strassburg sock for sleeping, and twice a day exercises.  Hopefully will be back to running / riding in a few more weeks or months.

No idea what the actual diagnosis is.  Several spots with tendinitis, possibly plantar fasciitis too.

This too shall pass.

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