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December 5




Saw PT on Friday. Right side of my hip is out of whack. He moved it around some and gave me some different things to so that should strengthen the area. Going back 2-3 times a week through the end of the year. Said I could try running on it, but I didn't get around to it yesterday. Plus, while the ITB felt better, the hip hurt more than it has in a while - no doubt from the work he did. In any case, I wasn't motivated to try without a day of not hurting first.

So, I'll go out tomorrow for a couple and see what happens.

What I did do yesterday was begin an IKEA project. We've had the same bedroom furniture for 25-ish years. At the time we bought it, we were in a tight cash situation, so it wasn't much. It was in fact a set of used hotel dressers and nightstands from an outlet place that has since gone out of business. But they served the purpose. In those 25 years I've repaired them several times as parts of the runners or drawers or something else broke along the way. Not to mention the cheap veneer was showing its age. We've looked on and off for over a year now and finally found something we liked that wasn't for people willing to take a second mortgage on their house or in several tax brackets above us.

Finished the nightstands and one dresser. Back was sore by the time I was done (that seems to happen more often than it used to), but the hip had settled down, so that was good news.

Trying to not feel guilty about having a license plate with "IRUN262" on it. It's been 2 years now since my last marathon, and it's likely to be at least another 5-6 months before I can reasonably expect to run my next.

Christmas decorations are up. Most of the presents are bought. This is early for me. I'm usually a "week of" buyer.

I'll leave you with a gratuitous cute picture of my grandson. This is Theo.


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I was just having a conversation with the gf about furniture.  Was it always crazy expensive? Is this a recent thing? What did people do before particle board?

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