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Thanksgiving can also be a non-running holiday.




Holidays are a little different this year. No kids. No family. No travel. Mrs. Dave worked. Me, home alone all day. Spent the morning getting out most of the Christmas decorations. In the afternoon and evening I did something I’ve never ever done on Thanksgiving Day before.

Watched all three of the NFL games on TV. This tradition started in 1920. In 1934, Detroit became the host city of the annual event, joined by Dallas in 1966. In 2006, the league added a third (prime time) game, although it has no designated annual host team.

Always in the past I’ve been able to watch a little of one or two of the games, sometimes a little of all three. But travel, guests, family, baking, roasting and the other Thanksgiving traditions have edged out football spectating for me. Some years I cared about that more than others.

Something I didn’t do at all this year was … wait for it … you guessed: run. At all. For so many years I found or organized and played a few hours of football myself. Turkey Bowl tradition. Often, I’d run the 3-1/2 miles from the house to where we played, then run home after. Even if I drove, there was still a fair amount of running involved because that’s how I play.

Then I started to lose training time to the once a year football action. Seems like every year I’d miss at least the first part of December in recovery. Not that December is always a great time to run. Still. So I officially retired from Turkey Bowl games. Sucks getting old.

And speaking of running, there hasn’t been much of that lately of course. Think I wrote about the two test runs I’ve done in the last couple of weeks. The first was terrible, the second was better.

Dropped in to see the doc again last Friday. He recommended PT and commiserated with me about getting into my 60’s and being betrayed by my body. He’s just a few years behind me and also a runner. He’s BQ’d a couple of times, but never by enough to make the cutoff.

Did I mention our dilemma with our insurance deductible? Such a pain to reach the end of the year and still be paying a ton of out-of-pocket for anything health related. What I get for being generally healthy. Better than the alternative. And PT isn’t cheap. We have a friend who’s a massage therapist so I went to see her instead and had her focus on the ITB. Man! That hurt. She’s a tiny filipina woman and you wouldn’t think she could hurt you. You’d be wrong.

Anyway, going out for another test run in the morning tomorrow. Wish me luck.

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When our kids can't be with us for holidays, we remind ourselves how thankful we are that they're out in the world with people they love.

Hope your test runs continue to improve. 

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