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Who do I blame now?




I owe an update.

Minus any musings on missing mojo.

Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.

The week after doing the Michigan Road Ragnar, I came up lame with what felt like something messed up with my right hip. Right on top of the iliac crest. Such an odd place. Never had this before. At the same time there was the issue with my right IT Band. Had that before a few times. Certainly they were related. And maybe they are.

Anyway, I was stopped cold. After a couple of weeks' rest didn't help, I went in to see the doc. And, oh by the way, the pain moved up to the lower back area, just about where a kidney stone might be. The plot thickened. Tests came back negative for blood in the urine - basic test for a stone before a CT scan. Do these stretches, put some heat or cold on it as necessary and manage the pain. Here's some steroids that should help. Come back in a week or so if it doesn't get better.

Took a long weekend trip to Dallas to see DS1 and the granddaughters (first time since they moved 2 years ago!). Some days were better than others, but none of them pain free. Came back and by the middle of the week, the pain had increased and migrated north to the exact spot where a stone would be. So bad I had to stop the stretches that weren't helping anyway. Dropped in on the doc again. This time there was some traces of blood, so we decided to go for the scan. Waited and suffered over the following weekend for those results.

Went to bed last night feeling about 80%, and pretty good this morning. Doc called late morning to say that the scan was negative. Go get some PT if you want.

But since I can move around without screaming like a little kid, should I bother? Sort of torn. I really like my rehab place (Amanda of the magic hands). But it's nearing the end of the year and we are nowhere near reaching our insurance deductible. A few sessions of PT will basically be out of pocket. Mrs. Dave and I will have a discussion tonight. She'll have an opinion, I bet.

Speaking of Mrs. Dave, she complained of a nasty noise in her car last week. Did a quick check and one of the brakes calipers had stuck causing premature wear at one of the wheels, so had to make a quick repair. It's also time to change the brakes on my little Abby. Since we may be giving her to T-Rex, I decided to do a full replacement of most of the brake parts. Done in front and waiting for the rear drums to arrive so I can finish the job. And the hood release cable handle broke, so that needs replaced now, too. Not minding these too much since they're simple jobs and I haven't been driving her much since March of last year.

Recent books:

NK Jemisin - The Fifth Season, The Obelisk Gate, The Stone Sky, The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

Dean Koontz - Mr. Murder; Sole Survivor; False Memory; By the Light of the Moon; The Face; Frankenstein - Prodigal Son, City of Night, Dead and Alive; The Silent Corner, The Whispering Room, The Crooked Staircase, The Forbidden Door, The Night Window

Maybe there will be running later this week. Or next. If I can find my mojo.

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it's just up the street from me. I can pick it up for you this afternoon. I owe you for breaking me out of jail.


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17 hours ago, SIbbetson said:

I haven't read any of those books!

Jemisin is an african-american fantasy writer - only one I've ever heard of. Really good. Koontz has been around a long time and I've just discovered him myself.

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I guess I'm glad you didn't have a kidney stone- but sometimes it's just nice to know what's going on. Random, non-specific injuries can be so annoying.

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