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This, too, shall pass.




Have to believe that.

The rest seems to be helping (ever so slowly) the ITB pain when I run. Went out for a walk night before last and tried a few jogging steps, just to see. After 3-4 I could feel it pull a little bit. Keeping an eye on it.

Higher up - above the right hip and a little to the rear - things are getting worse. It's not exactly in the spot where I think it must be a kidney stone. Not exactly as painful as the kidney stone I had ten years ago (that's something you don't really forget, believe me). Nor do I have the other symptoms I had when I had that kidney stone. On the last actual run I tried last week I had shooting pain at every step. Obviously not normal. And it's getting worse. Woke up several times last night (mostly from being cold because Mrs. Dave likes to pull all the blankets, but that's not part of this story) and every time I tried to move I'd get a stabbing jolt of pain. Could barely bend over to put on socks this morning. Sitting here in my dining room office it's about a 6 out of 10 if I don't try to move. More if I do. 800mg of Ibuprofen doesn't touch it.

So I'll be chatting with the doctor's office when they open up. Thing is, unless something else happens you don't really do anything for a kidney stone. Just manage the pain. Weird how this has sort of progressed slowly over the last two weeks.

Now that we've arrived at the end of October, I guess I see any plans for a 2021 marathon slipping away. Although I (sort of) ran Boston with 4 weeks of training, so surely I could finish something before New Year's if I wanted.

We'll see what happens.

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2 hours ago, Keep Running Girl said:

I am saying this in my best mother hen voice: PLEASE GO SEE A DOCTOR!!!

Feel better, Dave!

You're OSOM, KRG. I owe everyone an update. Been twice now. Waiting for results from a CT scan, but we're pretty sure it's a stone.

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