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No miles this week.




Which not to say that I ran zero miles.

As it happened, I ran .39 miles.

Went out for 6 last Tuesday. The Monday after Ragnar and the ITBand, I just felt like I needed another day. So that 6 was so-so, probably because it was warmer than it had been on the weekend. Maybe I was still recovering from Ragnar.

After I showered my back started bothering me. Not the whole back, just the lower right quadrant. Almost where I'd feel a kidney stone, but that would be crazy. Actually, not so crazy, since I had one on the other side a few years ago and remember pretty vividly what it felt like. This wasn't nearly as bad and I didn't have any other symptoms, though. Took some ibuprofen, stretched, rolled the ITBand.

And I tried one run since then - yesterday. Got half way down the block and every step was excruciating. The good news (I guess) was that the pain had moved down to the top of my hip. The bad news is that I can't seem to get rid of it. Sometimes it spreads all across my back, sometimes it stays on the hip, sometimes it moves up to the kidney area. Whatever it is, it seems determined to hang around. Trying to convince Mrs. Dave that I need a professional to look at it, but you know how that goes. I'm on board with saving the crazy dollars that healthcare would cost, but if a week of rest doesn't work, then I figure this is over my head of medical knowledge. Not that it's a high bar to clear.

It's pretty clear that a November marathon is out of the question. Even if I could run pain free tomorrow (today is out). Maybe December.

On the plus side, the knee that's been troublesome lately seems to have responded to the extended days off.


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Sounds like my SI joint issues. A chiropractor helped dramatically in relieving the acute pain, and keeping up with the set of core exercises he gave me has mostly kept it away, with occasional aggravations, usually during peak training periods (at just the right time to keep me out of races). At least one flare up was caused by falling repeatedly at a trail race in the mud.  

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