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Gilda's House 5K Run




Our Gilda's Family Walk & 5k Run was in-person this year which I ran on Saturday, Sep 18th.  Gilda's Club is a wonderful organization located in Royal Oak that provides free support and networking groups, educational lectures, workshops and social activities for cancer patients and their loved ones.  

One of the women from our running group formed a fund raising team for the event.  We had about 11 people associated with our run group sign up.

The race starts and finishes at our city high school and since it is only a little over a mile from my home I run up to the race using it as a warmup run.

The start time weather was actually pretty pleasant after the many hot summer days with it being in the low 60s and partly cloudy.

I started out running with one of my running buddies that's a few years younger than me and who is usually little faster than me.  We ran together for the first mile and then he says he is going to try to catch one of the women from our running group that is ahead of us.   I am pushing pretty hard and let him go, first mile in 8:08.   I keep pushing and after passing through the parking lot of our Gilda House finish the second mile in 8:01.   I keep pushing for the third mile passing a few people but not catching my running buddy with my third mile in 7:55.  I try to pick it up for the last 0.3 mile trying to catch the runner in front of me and narrowing the gap a little before he also starts picking up the pace and I can't catch him.  My last tenth of a mile was at 7:22 pace.  Anyways I always hate it when somebody passes me just before I finish, where I alternate thinking I should have been pushing harder to the finish or that the person or people that pass me had been running easy during the race and were just sprinting to the finish.  I finish in 25:07 ten seconds behind my running buddy.

With COVID the number of in person runners was very small; 107 total, but I still only managed to finish 3rd in my age group of 60-69 (which just happened be the largest male age group with 9 runners).  Overall I was happy with my effort since I have not been doing any real speed work for over a year.






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Maybe slower than you wanted, but those are excellent splits. Negative splitting a 5K is hard. Well done.

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