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I didn’t mean to go almost 3 months without writing. I’ve been busy but not that busy. There’s been stress, but who doesn’t have that? Somehow, at the end of the day, I just have lacked to motivation to sit down and write. I’m too mentally tired tonight to spend the extra half hour dealing with photographs, even though that is always the best part of my posts. I will add just one as the "feature" photo.

Marathon training for Chicago has gone well, though that perpetual goal of 4:30 will remain out of reach. I might have a PR (under 4:43) in me. We’ll see if the weather is good and how much the flat course helps. I’m still a little short on my Team in Training fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society – as of this moment I need $135 to hit my minimum and $385 to hit my posted goal. I’ve gotten a lot more than usual on facebook by posting video messages. Shocking, considering I don’t have one of those pretty faces that people can’t resist. (Seriously, my sister as a child could walk down the street at the farmer’s market where we had a booth as a family and people would constantly just give her stuff while I was standing right there – granted she was still a little kid at the time, and I wasn’t, but it was weird…)

It stayed hot for a long time, got cool for a couple weeks, before it got really warm again last week. I feel like I should write more about running since that is the what the point of this blog is supposed to be, but it’s mostly been uneventfully smooth. (Which is great)

The job search continues, but finally seems to be making progress…I have two jobs where I am in the interview process and would be happy to accept either one. The in person interview I did on Monday went really well, but I don’t know how long I’ll have to wait to hear back. The second job I did a Zoom interview for last week, and now have an in person interview scheduled but not for another two weeks. By then I might have heard from the first job. They are somewhat different, but both health research related, and would both at least somewhat relate to my master’s degree. Speaking of which, last month I got a real in person graduation ceremony exactly a year after it should have happened. (Although I took all of the classes online, even pre-pandemic, the university was local, and I liked the idea of getting a real ceremony. Getting “hooded” for a master’s degree is kind of cool)

My household situation has changed, since my sister has gotten engaged, bought a house and moved out of the house we have been sharing. She’d been spending less and less time here anyway, but it’s still lonely and now I have to do all my own cooking again! (She did most of the cooking when she was here). I thought my diet would improve when I started planning the meals again but it hasn’t that much. Maybe once the job thing has settled I’ll have more mental energy to devote to planning meals and eating better…

If anyone wants to help make a dent in that $135/$385 (or push me beyond - it all goes to fighting cancer) here's the link to my fundraising page - https://pages.lls.org/tnt/gat/chicago21/ABrinker (But I know everybody's got more places for their money than money to go around...)

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