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Crim Festival of Races




In Michigan the Crim Festival of Races in Flint is one of the big three race events (where the number of participants average over 10,000) along with the Detroit Marathon and Half Marathons (Mid October) and the Detroit Turkey Trot 10K and 5K (Thanksgiving morning). The Crim Festival of Races includes; 10 miles, 5 miles, and a 5K. The Crim was started by Bobby Crim in 1977 when he was Speaker of the Michigan State House of Representatives (he is now 89 and this year walked the 10 mile race) and his administrative assistant Lois Craig to raise money for the Special Olympics. The first 10 years only included the 10 mile race. Twice it has hosted the U.S. 10 mile championships; the 2009 women's and the 2010 men's . It has a tradition of having popsicles as an after race treat. The races are run on the last Saturday of August (which are usually hot, in the 80s) and goes through the streets of Flint with the 10 miler including some moderate hills.
This year's races had less participants; 5500 due to COVID. They originally were going to have a wave start every 15 minutes, but due to predicted high temperatures and humidity opened the 10 mile race for people to start anytime between 7 and 8 am. Me and my friends arrive at the race start at about 6:45 am and started with the 7 am race start. It was warm in the low 70s, cloudy, and very, very humid. One of my friends from South Carolina remarked it reminded him of the high humidity down there.
Everyone sooo nice and dry before the start of the race:
The race route was change this year due to road construction with the first mile being uphill. I tried to set a pace by feel and didn't look at my watch until the 2 or 3 mile mark where it indicate my last mile pace was 8:30. Based on my training and the weather I thought this was way too fast and that there was no way I could maintain this over 10 miles. My actual splits for the first 4 miles were; Mile 1: 8:32 (uphill but foolishly accomplished by not yet being feeling the effects of the heat and humidity, and with adrenaline from the start of the race fueling me), Mile 2: 8:33 (settled in a little bit but was able to maintained the pace since it was all downhill), Mile 3: 8:37 (the course leveled out and I slowed a bit), Mile 4: 8:34 (mostly downhill). Thankfully there were water stops after each mile, which I tried running through and ended up as I usually do spilling half the of water on me. Mile 5 includes the first of the traditional Crim hills, which I struggled up in 8:56 to the 5 mile water station. At which point I was pretty much spent, and walked through the water station. I started running again in survival mode aiming make it to the next water station at mile 6 running. Mile 6 was mostly uphill and I reached the mile 6 station running in 9:26 and again walked through it. Mile 7 was mostly downhill and I completed it in 8:45 again walking through the water station with the goal of running between the water stations. Mile 8 was slightly uphill and completed in 9:24, unfortunately I skipped a water station that was before the end of mile 8 and decide to push on until the next water station which ended up being at the 8.7 mile mark and again walked through that station. I gutted out the last 1.3 miles and was thankful the last quarter mile to the finish was slightly downhill, with my last mile in 8:26 and a total time for 10 miles of 1:29:12, 8:56/mi. I was just happy it was over, as I was exhausted and soaking wet from head to toe due to the high humidity. Afterwards I actually became a little chilled from being wet and no sun. Eventually the sun did come out and at least warm me but not drying my cloths.

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