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Is this where I get over confident?




Not yet.

I'd be tempted except for a couple of things.

First is this knee. Not the left that had the meniscus repair three years ago. That would be the left side that's been giving me all sorts of trouble from the Achilles to the hip for half of this year. Nope, this is the right side that's sometimes given me problems when the left side has acted up, maybe making me over-compensate and give it extra stress. This is also the side with the old basketball injury. Normally it gets better the more I run, but this time it's not doing that, and my inner Eeyore is sure there's a problem just waiting to rear its ugly head. Keeping a close eye on it, which at this point is about all I can do.

Then there's Saturday's long run. That turned out to be just so-so. Warm and humid, of course because August. It was 68 when I left the house - nice and steamy for early morning. 90-ish on the humidity scale. The first 5-1/2 miles were pretty good. But 5-1/2 miles out of 8 means another 2-1/2 to get home after I ran out of gas. Better than nothing, but a sharp Gibbs-slap on my blithe "I'm ready for another marathon" attitude. I know I'll feel a ton better in a few weeks with a few more miles on the legs and a turn (hopefully) towards fall weather.

Speaking of fall, that's exactly what I did on Saturday. I'd just turned into the neighborhood with about a quarter mile to go when I dragged a tired toe on the sidewalk - don't think it was even a crack - and took a spill. One shoulder and both hands onto the concrete, then a practiced roll that landed me on the grass thanks to a little turn of the walk at that point. And as luck would have it, the guy in the house there just happened to be on his porch having a Saturday morning cup of Joe at the time, and so witnessed my less than graceful pause. I thanked him for the soft landing place and finished up. No blood, but the heels of my hands stung for a couple of days. Another sign that maybe I wasn't quite ready for 8 miles yet. Not that it would have stopped me from giving it a try, like tomorrow when I'm going for the first double digit run since ... January!

And it's going to be warm and humid. Normally I go 10 without bringing hydration, but I think I may plan this like I'm running 15. Carry some G and a couple of Hammer Gels, just in case.

Going through the park in the last mile I saw the ParkRun-ers. This group has gotten pretty large over the past couple of years. My head thought about joining them for their 5K, but my legs out-voted him 2-1. Right after the election one guy invited me to come along, but I told him I was already toast for the day. Maybe in another week or 2 or 3 when it's not bloody hot and I feel like a semi-hard 5K.

T-Rex took and PASSED her certification exam this week. Just got to get her a job now. Her birthday is today.

Our anniversary is tomorrow. 39 years. How did that happen?


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Congratulations on your Wedding Aniversary, such fine looking couple.  

I also plan on running 10 tomorrow, at the Crim in Flint.   Due to tomorrows heat and humidity the originally scheduled 15 minute start windows have been eliminate and now there is only 1 window from 7-8 am for the 10 miler.

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well done to T-rex !  

my PT has just allowed me to start running on the bad knee again, did a long run today, 4.5 miles ;-) 
Oh well it's a start.. 

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