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I tried a Tri




I had signed up for 2 triathlons in 2020 .... hence I am now signed up for 2 triathlons in 2021. The first one is on 8/7 and is an olympic distance - swim 1 mile, bike 22 miles and run 10k. The other one is a half Ironman - swim 1.2, bike 55, run 13.1.

My training has been ALL over the place with the one constant being CrossFit. 😅 Running has been pretty much shut down since Jim Thorpe in May due to a calf strain. I've slowly started adding in a very few miles.

Swimming has been pretty good. I'm not the best swimmer but I'm also not the worst. It is pretty darn relaxing! I did my 1st open water swim "race" (ie. just finish) on July 4th. The day was beautiful and I knew many others who were also participating. I am not going to lie I was totally freaked out by so many people running into me and me into them. The first 500' I was literally yelling inside my head "Calm the F down! You are fine!" There is a very fine line between mild panic and hysteria. Hysteria in the water is NOT good! Totally messes with your breathing as you gulp in big mouthfuls of water! LOL I finished the mile swim in 33:33 good enough for 3/9 in my AG. Sighting is still a huge issue for me!

As I started to get back to running ever so slightly I decided that it would be a good idea to sign up for a small tri in my local town. I went for the "long" distance tri - 1/2 mile swim, 17 mile bike, 4.5 mile trail run. The registration fee came with a free campsite. I decided that I would spend the night at the county park and that way race morning would be easy peasy and no stress.

My friends pretty much thought I was crazy, but I have to tell you despite the 100* temperatures my night was pretty peaceful once I finally fell asleep.


I got to catch a sunrise on the lake. My friend N brought me coffee and then we headed to transition to set up my area.


Being such a noobie at this I had made a list of things I needed to do race morning. It worked pretty well! 



Other than the heat race morning was picture perfect!


We were sent into the lake 2 by 2 and the buoys were huge so i had no problem with sighting. I swam the 2 laps of the course and exited feeling that I had done okay. 19:32 for the 1/2 mile (1:53/100 yd)


N was my official photographer and also helped volunteer at the race.


I was told by a triathlete friend that I could ride and run without socks but decided to wear them so i wouldn't get blisters. (I couldn't get blisters because somehow I got talked into being on a team for a 5k run the next day. They needed a female runner to compete. Oy!) I ran to my set up and quickly dried my feet, slapped on my socks, shoes, helmet and sunglasses. Totally forgot to put on my race belt with number, but I had the chip timer on my ankle. I took off on my bike like a banshee.


I looked at my watch and it said I was going over 21 mph! I knew I couldn't sustain that so I backed off. The ride course was very nice. Not the smoothest of roads but no major potholes either. I caught some people and got caught by others. Managed 18.3 mph for the 17 miles. Wahoo! My fastest ride ever!


I ran my bike into transition and slapped on my sneakers and put on my race belt (better late than never??).


Grabbed my handheld and took off at a moderate pace.


I knew the run was going to be all about managing the heat and humidity with my pace and breathing.


We made 3 loops of the sandy road and park trails. I ran out 3/4 of a mile and then walked 30-45 seconds and then back 3/4 and repeated the walking. I passed many other runners and only got passed by one female. As I came into the finish line I was wheezing so hard from trying to do a little sprint at the end. N pretty much pushed me under some trees to get a little shade. Phew! So f'n hot!!


My results were really good! First in my AG and 5th out of 19 females. Someone told me the woman who finished seconds before me is a tri coach. It was a fun day for sure!


I drank every beverage that I packed to try to recover for the next day's 5k.

I showed up to the 5k not knowing what to expect. I knew with 99% certainty that a PR was off of the table (22:59) and I was pretty sure that I wouldn't be running a 30:00 5k but other than that ?? As the sole female I was kind of freaking out because my time mattered! If I had a bad race I could lose the trophy for the team.

The temperatures had dropped a bit overnight so that was nice. As we lined up I debated giving my shirt to someone to hold, but in the end (much to my regret) I kept it on because it had our team's name on it.

The gun went off and we all sprinted out like normal. I saw 7:10 pace on my watch and tried to slow a bit. One of the guys in our group passed me (every one else had started up further). I managed to pass him back in the 1st mile. I was running hard but knew a PR was out of the question. I just couldn't let myself quit. We mad a few quick turns to get to the u-turn. Apparently there was a hill in there somewhere. All of my other teammates were talking about it, but I have NO recollection running it. NONE! My pace and elevation chart on Garmin show it, but it didn't even register. (Not sure if i was just in a zone or because at CrossFit we run a mile loop that has a nasty climb so this little bump was nothing more than a blip).

The guys were racing really well so I knew I had to stay in the game. The final mile was into the wind. Not very strong but noticeable. One of the guys tried to help run me in for the last 4/10 of a mile. I kind of gave him the hand because I was doing all I could. I had nothing left. finally I crossed the finish line in 24:48. Phew! (The course was .1 long. Apparently the fire department moved the turn around.) I won my AG.


We got the Avalon Yacht Club Family Cup for fastest team! (guy in blue next to me ran a 19:13 (3.2). Day before he had run a 18:13.) (Guy in gray ran a 20:17 (3.2)) We are all masters except for the guy on the far left. Faster as a Master!



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13 hours ago, DaveDec said:

Awesome job! You inspire me to keep a sprint-tri on my bucket list.

It was a lot of fun

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12 hours ago, skinnyLLegs said:

I swear, I don't know how you do all this!  Must be an Olympic level mental game! 😊

Either that or just a bit insane 

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