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Clean up




Note to self: Try not to use your basement as a woodshop. The clean up is a bear.

Garages are for parking cars. 

After finishing the floor and baseboard trim, and with no other project at the top of the priority list, I decided to make a thorough job of cleaning the basement. It's a half-finished space. In the unfinished half, there's a workbench where I keep my tools, paint and assorted pieces of junk and leftovers from other projects - wood, screws, wire, pipe, nuts & bolts, castors. Since the garage is full of the two cars, unless there's a big job I do most things down there. There's also shelves for food storage, luggage, holiday decorations, old baby things (toys, strollers, car seats, high chair) that Mrs. Dave won't let me get rid of because, "What if we have grandkids come who need something?" We have what we call a White Elephant Store, for assirted gifts that we've received over the years that we'll never use. From time to time they get re-gifted. Candles, body wash and bath bombs, 8x10 sized playing cards, wicker baskets, empty photo albums.

Lots of shelves. Lots of stuff on them.

And now, lots of sawdust and regular dust. 24 years' worth.

So I've been taking a few hours every day, taking everything down, vacuuming the big chunks and wiping with a damp towel, then re-shelving everything I can't convince Mrs. Dave to toss. If we haven't used that old cool mist room humidifier for 15 years, what are the chances we're going to in the next 15? Made a little progress.

This exercise has convinced me that I need to stop using that workspace for cutting and sanding for my various home projects. When there's cutting to be done in the future, Abby will get parked in the driveway and the saw will operate in the garage.

None of this is remotely connected to running.

Stopped at a POP a half mile from the house the other day. When I came out and crossed the street to finish that last half, the Achilles tweaked a little. Uh-oh. Guess we aren't ready to resume 100% effort. Slowed down right away and took the next day (Wednesday ) off. Yesterday it was better. Going to have to be careful for a little while longer I guess. Which was sort of my plan anyway, but this re-enforces it. Because of course I've been toying with the idea of ramping up miles and targeting an earlier marathon in the fall. That may not be my best idea.

DS1 mentioned last fall that he was going to go for another BQ. He did once, in 2009 I think, but had just gotten married and starting a new job, so going to Boston couldn't happen. Since then, DS2 and I have both run it (he in 2011 and me in 2016). He wanted to be part of it. When they moved to Texas and he could stop spending half his time on the road, he decided to go for it. His first plan was to qualify early this year, but a late calf injury set back his plans. Just last weekend, though, he raced the Light at the End of the Tunnel marathon near Seattle. He flew in the night before, had dinner with his brother, raced the next morning and flew home. And just like that (2:58, btw), he's ready to go to Beantown. He's six and a half minutes under BQ, so we hope that's good enough to get in for next year. This year the cutoff was BQ-7:47, so hopefully they'll be able to increase the field size back to 30K and he'll be in. We're planning our trip for Patriot's Day just in case.

As far as my running, I'm settling in to the 4 mile a day routine for a couple of weeks. Especially while the weather's particularly nasty hot, I'm getting up early and running before work. 4 miles makes it so I don't have to get up too early. Suppose I could also shift my work hours to later and I may do that, except for Tuesday when I have a 7:00 am meeting. I'll worry about that when I start increasing the miles. 9 minute pace for the most part - that seems to keep Achilles happy enough.

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