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Again and again.



Short memory.

It can be a strength sometimes. Sometimes not.

I think there would be fewer families with more than one child if mothers remembered exactly how much labor hurt. 

As I start to put some miles on after this last injury, I have to be very purposeful in my approach. Too many miles, even if I keep it slow, are not a good idea. Don't think I'd consider myself fragile. Not an ironman, either. I'm just an old guy who wants to run. I think I'm done trying to be fast anymore, although if I get in shape again I'll likely forget that statement and start mixing in tempos and other speed workouts, planning on another Boston run or going after another sub-21 5K. Until I pull another hamstring or strain something else.

Short memory.

Anyway, one week down and staying consistent. 2, 2, 0, 3, 0, 3, 3, and 2 miles on each day for the past 8. Doesn't seem like too much. Even forgot to stretch the calf/Achilles before a couple of those and seemed to tolerate it pretty well. Sometimes it's a little tight for up to a mile, but then fine. Finished one run with an 8:35 mile, feeling good. Didn't expect to be under 9 minutes without a struggle this soon. Did I just need some time off and the Achilles was what the legs needed?

This running thing. So many questions.

So, a 2021 marathon. Since it's June already, I suppose it should be later rather than early in the fall. Perhaps St. Jude in December. Today I saw an ad on facebook for it. December 4. Haven't done a mary in Tennessee yet. Was planning to stay concentrated in New England until I finished with Maine, Connecticut and Rhode Island. Make sure I get everything on the east coast checked off my list. New England in December sounds cold and snowy. Cold is OK for me, although Mrs. Dave balks at spectating when it's under 50 degrees.

We'll see. Is it premature to talk about a marathon after a week of 2-3 milers?

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Rehobeth in early Dec was great, temperature-wise, as was Mississippi Gulf Coast marathon. Training for a Dec. marathon was good too - it's a bit cooler when you're doing the long ones. 

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