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Big news!



Pretty big, anyway.

It was 11 weeks ago tomorrow that I came up lame with my Achilles tendon hurting. I'll continue to blame the Cumulus. It was either a factory second (thus the clearance pricing from Asics?) or a lemon or maybe it was just sitting in a warehouse for too long. They were never right from the first mile. I had hoped they just needed some break in or that the change from the Rincons was more dramatic than I expected. Either way, it was the DL for who knew how long.

With the wedding and the floor project taking so much time I suppose it was a good time to be injured if any time can be considered good.

Many thanks to LurkerinChief for coming out of lurkdom to give me a cross-massage suggestion. It did just what they promised - hurt a ton when I started working on it, then got better to longer I worked it. Even more thanks to Run2BFit, who linked me with the eccentric heel drops. I must admit to being a little skeptical about trying to stretch the are that was injured. But it did more to my lower calf, releasing pressure on the Achilles and making a huge difference in just a few days.

I was thinking that Monday I'd try a run, but ended up waiting until yesterday. Did a few more drops to get the calf as loose as possible, then mentally crossed my fingers as I made my way down the driveway and across the street. Nothing other than what I've come to expect from 62+ year old bones and muscles and tendons. I'm out of shape now, of course. There was a guy who passed me about a half mile out. I let him. Funny, he got about 20 yards ahead pretty quickly and stayed there. Didn't think I was going any faster, but what do I know?

Went out for a mile in 10 minutes and then came back in 9.

A little DOMS this morning. Everything else seems good.

Running again and it's feels so good.

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Second that yaaayyy!  Glad to hear some good news and welcome back to the joy of running.   Also as we get older we need to also focus on injury prevention, ie. adding some regular strength training.

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