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Woke up this morning, determined to be more diligent in my efforts to fix this Achilles.

Did a little more stretching while we were in Idaho for the wedding. Twice a day most days. Didn't see see much improvement, and of course getting more and more discouraged. Knowing that I'm going to need a new pair of shoes when I (hopefully) start again. Not even going to complain about starting from ground zero. Running is running, after all. But what's the point of spending $100+ on running shoes if I can't run?

We had a really tight connection in Houston on the flight home. Walking quickly down the concourse was pretty painful. No chance of running even a few steps. I'll never run again.

That was the thought, anyway. Can't seem to help that my mind goes there all the time.

This morning, I thought (like most days) I really needed to stretch more, maybe suck it up and get some PT, do the cross massaging, etc. Reached down to do a little pull .... nothing. No pain, no tightness, no sore spot. Nada.

I'll be using my old Hokas for the first week, then ordering a new pair if all goes well. Still plenty of time for a fall marathon.

Ready to paint the baseboard trim. Then I can install it and the floor project will be officially done. Next up will be a new light for the front lawn. We have no street lights in the neighborhood, so these are important. Our old gas one gave out long ago and I've had a solar powered one for several years. But it's old tech and our front lawn gets almost no sun since we have a huge maple next to the street. Not much light. So it'll get an upgrade to a wired fixture, which will involve digging a small trench to bury an electrical line to the post. 

Got those crazy kids married last weekend.


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