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There are many adjectives that describe me.

Stubborn -- just ask my mom she'll tell you.

Diligent -- haven't missed any runs on my training plan

Adventuresome -- remember the Triple Trailfest and 50k on a whim

Shy -- OMG! Do you know how long it took me to walk into the CrossFit gym BY MYSELF?? or to meet my internet running friends?

But Confident is not a word that I would use to describe myself - especially in running.

I shy away from group runs because what if I have a bad day?

I shy away from racing because I'm afraid of failing.

Really it probably all comes down to failing or not "looking perfect" and not meeting expectations.

One of the guys from my local running group who does not know me all that well told me "We need to work on your confidence." Ya think??

So here goes:

I am confident that I trained my butt off for this marathon. I've run 675 miles Y-T-D

I am confident that I increased my overall strength by attending CrossFit 3 times per week since mid November.

I am confident that I hit all of my speedwork and tempo runs and all but one hill run (where I just ran a hilly route).

I am confident that I nailed my last 20 mile run with negative splits. (There was a 2 mile warm up before 18.)


I am confident that I just ran a PR mile by over 20 seconds.


I am confident that I am going to the start line of this marathon knowing that I have done everything that I possibly could.

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I've always said the journey to a marathon starting line is the best part. You are SO ready.

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