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The project that never ends.



No running this week.

Went down to Ford Field for my second covid shot. More people than the last time I was there, but still a very smooth operation and next to no waiting. 

There's one spot where the new tile didn't quite lock into place properly. The guys are supposed to come this week to look at it and hopefully fix it. There are a couple of other places where if I walk around barefoot I can feel my bargain basement underlay, but I'm going to let that go.

I've repaired the places in the kitchen where the half wall used to be. Those are ready for paint.


Major focus right now is the main floor powder room. Did I mention that the light fixture was 8 inches farther from the corner than the plumbing for the sink? Or that there was a huge chunk of drywall behind the old vanity that had been torn out for no apparent reason? True story. Makes as much sense as the 50 layers of tile and underlayment through the rest of the house I guess.

Fortunately, I think the plumbing just needs some extra long drain pipe to reach the new sink. I may also have to put in a 90o piece to clear the drawers, but probably not. Cross your fingers.

So, I'm going to have to trim 2 inches of the backing on the new vanity so I can slide it over a little. Patched the hole.


I opened up the wall at the lights, to discover that they'd mounted it with a "between the studs" bar. Good news it that it had 6 inches or so of adjustment to one side. Bad news is that it was oriented with all the adjustment to the left and I needed it adjusted to the right. Seriously.


I was able to disconnect the electrical box from the bar, take the bar out and flip it over so the adjustment was on the right side, then slid the box to the right. It will now align with the vanity and sink once I'm ready to install those.



Before I do that, though, there are all the places I've repaired, plus the pantry and hall closet that need painted. This should only be another couple of days. Then I have to fix the stepdown to the family room. It has 3/4 drywall, which was damaged in the demo, and sticks out from the edge of the new floor anyway, so it has to be replaced with 1/4 and painted. Same with the landing to the basement stairs. Those should be another couple of days, so maybe one more week and the house will be set once I remount the doors on the closet and pantry.

The Achilles is doing better this week. Not ready to run on it yet.

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10 hours ago, SIbbetson said:

This seems just as fun as The Song that Never Ends.

Except it changes every day!

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Ah! the joys of owning an older home.

Is that a picture of the annual spring time flooding along Hines drive?


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1 hour ago, Run2BFit said:

Ah! the joys of owning an older home.

Is that a picture of the annual spring time flooding along Hines drive?


Yep. From last year's Loop virtual covid half marathon. Had to make a couple of mid-race course adjustments that day.

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