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New floors! (NRR)



Unless you count the fact that my Achilles is still being a butthead. I was going to give it some time before I escalated treatment, but as I was sitting at my office desk (dining room table) a couple of days ago, I noticed that It would give me a tweak almost every time I moved it. Not a ton, but not great and it hasn't gotten any better in the 3 weeks since I came up lame. So I pulled out the walking cast I used in 2006 for my ruptured PF and strapped it on. I'm going to use it all day until I can touch the back of my ankle without feeling pain. Then I'll try running again. And hope I don't gain 20 pounds in the meantime.

Hey, so the floors are done. First was the top sub-layer of 1/4" luan plywood. A lot cleaner looking than the other layer, although trimming 4x8 sheets was a lot harder than the 4x5 ones. Still, it covered up a lot of the imperfections and also let me see a couple of spots I needed to smooth out on the bottom.


Then a two-man crew came in to do the important part.


Now I'm putting all the things back together. I built a small ramp to get the fridge back up from the family room to the kitchen level. Didn't want a repeat of the crash and burn that happened when we moved it down there (did I forget that story?). Worked like a charm. Now I have a 30" ramp that rises 8 inches that I have no use for. I'll probably keep it in a corner of the basement for awhile and then through it away.

Had to figure out what to do with the extra inch of space between the bottom of the door to the garage and the floor in the laundry room. The threshold from HD was only a 1/4", and with all the layers removed I needed something bigger that wouldn't look like a speed bump. Found an old piece of nice oak in the basement that was the perfect size, used my router on the edges to round them off, sprayed some clear varnish on it and it's beautiful. During this operation I discovered that the door has a 1/2" difference from one side to the other. Not height, but an angle from the corner. My house is not square. But the door is thick enough to cover it on the outside and the door sweep covers it on the inside, so I'm going to call it good.

The toilet is back in the bathroom, and we have a new vanity, but that will have to wait a little since I may have to tear out two walls. Looks like they have a couple of layers of plaster on them in addition to the however many layers of paint from before. So where the old vanity was built in to the wall is a fair amount thicker than the rest. Maybe I can just feather it out with some mud, transitioning slowly enough that it won't be noticeable behind the new vanity.

And I need to do 120 or so feet of new baseboard around all the walls. And rehang three closet doors that hopefully won't require extra work because the new floor isn't as high as the old one(s).

And dust everything because we've made a terrific mess.

Fun times.

Mailed wedding announcements this week.

That's it.


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Amazing difference between the old and new floors.   I am looking at doing something similar.   Moving a fridge is a pain.

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